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November 02, 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

 Holiday Prep

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The Gathering of family and friends around for a special meal is one of the greatest traditions people across the world share. It is at these gatherings that memories are made and what is known as nostalgia is created. There is no other experience quite like it.  What are some of your clearest memories from your childhood? Are any of them centered around a dining room table? I know a lot of mine are.

Are you planning on hosting the holidays at your home? Do you need a new rug to bring your dining room to life? Deciding the correct size of rug for your dining room can be tricky.  Here are my tried and true tips for selecting the correct rug size.


  • The most important thing to consider is the size of your table. We generally allow 18-24” around the perimeter of the table so that when you pull your chair out, your chair stays on the rug. To get a really good estimate, a great trick I have found is to step up to your table and pull out the chair like you are going to sit down. Do this for all the chairs around the table.  Now take tape and tape behind the back legs of the chairs – there is your ideal minimum rug size.  

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  • I am a big believer in showing off my hardwood floors but the dining room is the one room that I believe it is really important to have enough rug coverage. Ideally, you do not want your chair coming off the rug every time you sit down. That being said, balance is so important and if your dining area is very small or if you only use this space a couple times a year, then you may want to just make sure the rug looks in balance with the room. Also, consider, If you only use your leaves (extensions) a couple times a year, then you may be ok with the chairs coming off the rug on special occasions. Just things to think about – there are always exceptions. But in general, if you can, you should make sure your rug is big enough to keep the chairs on when seated.

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  • Now, rugs come in various standard sizes, so make sure you get your max and mins. To give you some jumping off points, here is a guide that should help you using the tips above.

 Round or Square Tables:

  • 36” Round / Square table – minimum 6’ round / square / octagon – My recommendation: 7’ or larger
  • 42” Round / Square table – minimum 6’6” round / square / octagon – My recommendation: 7’6” or larger
  • 50” Round / Square table – minimum 7’2” round / square / octagon – My recommendation: 8’ or larger
  • 60” Round / Square table – minimum 8’ round / square / octagon - My recommendation: 9’ or larger

Rectangle or Oval:

  • 36 x 60” Rectangle/Oval – minimum 6’ x 8’ rectangle/oval – My recommendation: 7’ x 9’ or larger
  • 42 x 72” Rectangle/Oval – minimum 6’6” x 9’ rectangle/oval – My recommendation: 7’6” x 10’ or larger
  • 40 x 82” Rectangle/Oval - minimum 6’ 4” x 9’10” rectangle/oval – My recommendation: 7’ 4” x 10’10” or larger
  • 42 x 118” Rectangle/Oval – minimum 6’6” x 12’10” rectangle/oval – My recommendation: 7’6” x 13’10” or larger

 To over simplify – usually these sizes will suffice:

Note: 8x10 or 8x11 is probably the size that 80% of people use in their dining areas.

Find rugs of any shape or size on our rug collections page. 


The coming weeks are all to be enjoyed as we head into the holidays. It really is the anticipation and preparation that can be celebrated as much as the big days. Cherish the simple moments leading up to, at the dinner table and beyond! Happy Prepping!

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October 12, 2022

If my dining room is 11X13, and I want to use a 9X12 rug, what is the largest size of dining room table I can comfortably fit in the room without it feeling cramped? I’m hoping to sit 8 people.

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