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November 19, 2018 2 min read

You face the same challenge every year: making sure you have enough chairs around the dining table for all of your many family and guests through the holidays.  There are some easy ways to ensure you do this year! We offer simple solutions like adding accent chairs to your dining room that can be brought to the table, placing a bench in your dining room for extra eating space away from the table, great round dining table options that make it easier to accommodate more chairs, expandable tables, and long and skinny dining tables that allow for more chairs in a narrower space. See our ideas demonstrated visually below.

Solution #1: Add Decorative Accent Chairs to Your Living or Dining Room 

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A simple and cost-effective way to expand the available seating at the dining table is by investing in accent chairs.  These can be placed in your living room year-round or, if your dining room is large enough and has a bay window, they can be placed in front of the window for great seat with a view throughout the year, and can then be pulled up to the table when you have more company.  Everything from more ornate varieties to fully upholstered parsons chairs give you a range of options to choose from to find what matches your décor and style.


Solution #2: Place a Bench Along the Wall in the Dining Room 


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A bench placed along one of the dining room walls is a great way for guests to still be a part of the conversation even if they can’t be seated at the dining table.  We have a great selection of benches from solid wood, more rustic looks to sophisticated, upholstered styles!


Solution #3: Round Dining Tables Provide Flexibility 

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Round tables provide more flexibility than the rectangular or oval-variety because they typically have a pedestal base, therefore, you don’t have to fight with the dining table legs for space!  This allows you to easily fit more people at the table when necessary.  Check out several round table options that we have in stock right now!


Solution #4: Expandable Tables Make Life Easier


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There are a variety of expandable tables available, from jupe style tables to tables with drop-leafs. While the mechanisms of expansion might be different, they all will help you accommodate more guests.


Solution #5: Long, Skinny Dining Tables Allow for More Seating Using Less Space 

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Dining tables that are narrow and long, combined with armless and slim dining chairs, allow you to fit in more seating, even in narrower dining rooms!  We have several sleek options available. 

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Sources: This article “Small-Space Dining Rooms” on Better Homes and Gardens’ website provided some of the inspiration and ideas for the solutions in our blog article.  Check it out for more tips on how to maximize your dining space and personalize it with your style!

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