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Natural fiber rugs provide a touch of warmth and texture to any home. Rugs in this collection are made from natural materials such as wool, or plant based materials such as jute, sisal, and hemp. They are clean, natural, environmentally friendly options for any home. Here are some natural fiber options for you to consider.

Wool: One of the most common natural fiber rug materials is wool. Wool rugs serve as a natural filter absorbing toxins in the air of your home. Other benefits include fire and static resistant and slow moisture absorption great for spill heavy spaces.

Bamboo: A strong material used for centuries, bamboo is a great material for an area rug. Bamboo is sustainable and durable, with a long life expectancy in your home. It is considered an eco friendly rug option because of its quick renewal, meaning that it can be cut down for use as quick as it can grow.

Sisal: A fiber collected from the “Agave Sisalana” cactus plant, sisal is a common material for natural fiber area rugs. If you have ever maintained a succulent, you know how little upkeep they require. And since sisal is from a succulent, the upkeep remains just as simple. Sisal rugs make a calming natural aesthetic. Though not as soft as other materials, it is great for high traffic areas of your home and will outlast your other home decor.

Seagrass: Naturally grown under water, sea grass provides a sense of casual relaxation similar to that of the ocean it came from. Seagrass rugs contain a welcoming luster that invites touch. Their natural environment underwater make for a non absorbent rug material that is easy to clean.

Jute: Made from the Jute plant, area rugs with this material are malleable allowing for intricate weave patterns. The plant grows quickly in season with lots of rain and grows in regions of India and China. Jute rugs are ideal for areas of your home with lighter traffic than that of entryways or hallways.

We know that whatever material you choose, Rug & Homes has the right rug for you. Whether it is the soft wool or the thick sisal area rug, we want you to choose the perfect natural fiber rug for your home. When you have selected the perfect area rug, place your order and let us ship it to you for free!