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July 30, 2018 2 min read

Up-cycled & Re-purposed: Artistic Rugs & Home Decor

Amer rug made from Recycled Materials

There is a never ending list of ways that one can re-purpose and reuse materials that we use on a day to day basis, including in forms such as furniture and rugs. With furniture we stock everything from bar stools made with bike gears to dressers made from reclaimed wood, providing quite a range of unique looks and character. When looking at rugs there is an equal range in types of materials used resulting in anything from SmartStrand Karastan rugs to vibrant Sari Silk rugs.

 Table and Chairs made from Recycled Teak Wood

Handcrafted Teak Furniture can be Found in our Showrooms

With furniture and accessories, aspects of recycling and re-use can come in many forms, oftentimes resulting in mixed media pieces for your collection. The bike bar stools found in our Asheville location provide a unique athletic appeal with stationary gears stretching the height of the stool accessorized with pedals at the base for your feet. Reclaimed wood furniture can also provide as bold or as subtle of a look as you prefer ranging anywhere from night stands with alternating types of wood for your drawers to dressers where mixed shades and types of wood are blended across the entirety of the piece.

 Karastan Rug made from Recycled Materials

Similar to furniture, rugs made from recycled and re-purposed material can range drastically in make and look. One of our more popular machine-made brands, Karastan, has recently trademarked the material SmartStrand which is a synthetic fiber made from recycled bottles. These rugs are designed in quite a range of styles, vibrant colors, and are a great affordable option in today's market. Recognizable for their distinctly vibrant colors, our stores also stock what are known as Sari Silk rugs. These rugs glow in their range of colors and are unbelievably soft to the touch as they are made from recycled Sari dresses in India. Regardless of your taste or budget, there is something of every flavor and fiber across our extensive furniture and rug collection.

Hannah Williams

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