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October 08, 2018 5 min read

The Most Pet Friendly rugs dog sitting on rug by the poolside

Don’t you agree that Pets and Rugs are a threatening combination? However, who doesn’t like to style up their place with amazing rugs, and nowadays many people own pets. The pet stains, their hair or that embarrassing odor on your favorite rug can spoil your mood. So, let's see how you can keep both you, and your lovely pets happy with an amazing and tidy looking floor. Read below for Rug & Home's guidelines to picking the most pet friendly rugs.


Materials to Keep in Mind:

The first thing to care about is to choose the right kind of material. The following are some of the most preferable materials for pet friendly rugs:

Indoor-Outdoor Rugs:
Kaleen Indoor Outdoor Rug

Shop Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

If your rug is indoor-outdoor one, you won’t  need to shout at your pet all the time to get off it. Your pet can’t ruin them by scratching, and the material discourages chewing. Besides, you can easily wash up any stain or odor with soap and water. Indoor/outdoor rugs truly mean just that with more designs than ever meant for an indoor or outdoor space and different polypropylene fibers which create a softer texture. So, both you and your precious pet will enjoy roaming, sitting, playing and running your feet/paws across these rugs.


Woven Wool and Tufted Rugs:

Kaleen wool and tufted rug

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This might be difficult to believe but wool is one of the best materials to use in your pet filled home. In fact wool is arguably the best rug material and has been for centuries. Wool rugs are naturally stain-resistant, and easy to keep clean as the natural oils in wool resist dirt and keep it from getting ground into the fibers. They can also be vacuum cleaned, just make sure that you have the beater bar (brushes) on your vacuum set to as high as they can go to prevent pulling out the fibers. You can also take a broom to any rug to help loosen up pet hair before vacuuming. Regular vacuuming will clear up pet hair and dirt, so that you don’t need to wash your rug or your dog as often. Wool rugs also have the added benefits of giving warmth to your feet, lowering your heating bill in winter, create a rich and luxurious look and feel, and with proper care can last for decades.

While wool is a great rug material make sure to also consider the construction of the wool rug. A knotted or loop pile rug is very liable to catch and snag on your pets nails. A tufted rug is made in the same way as a knotted rug but the loops have been cut, which keeps your pet from snagging their nails in the fibers. A tufted rug will go through a natural process called sprouting where loose fibers will extend past the pile of the rug. When this happens simply trim the rug down to the pile with a pair of scissors.


Woven Cotton Dhurrie Rugs:

Pet-Friendly Rugs

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The next pet friendly rug type are flat weave and hand woven cotten dhurries also know as horse blankets. These flatweave rugs have had a long traditional alongside animals, and are a natural selection. Dhurries can be easily moved around as they are light-weight, and they can even be folded without fear of permanent creasing. You can also carry them outdoors to use while picnicking at the dog park. You can easily hand-wash them or give the rug a quick shake to knock loose the dust, dirt and pet hair. They are durable but not chew or scratch proof, so keep an eye on your pet if he/she tends to have such a habit. 


Cotton & Sheepskin Rugs:

Shop Sheepskin Rugs

The favorite past time of any pet is to sleep and they mostly fall asleep on carpets and rugs. So, if you want a sleepy pet friendly rug a plush cotten rug or sheepskin rug is perfect. You will find Sheepskin rugs to be super soft and cozy. Though it attracts more pet fur and hair, cleaning is easy through vacuuming. Sheepskin rugs also have all the stain resistance of wool rugs. They might not be as durable as woven cotton rugs if washed frequently but are perfect for beside the bed in a bedroom.


Other Factors to Keep in Mind:

Apart from the material, there are many other factors which will help you get an easily maintained rug for pet household:

Absorbing Colors and Patterned Rugs:

Absorbing Colors and Patterned Rugs

Shop Dark Patterned Rugs

Absorbing colors means the rug will make dirt and stains less visible and noticeable, which is optimal in a pet household. Dark colors are most preferable, but you also need to consider your the color or colors of your pet fur. For instance, if you have a white fluffy cat or dog, the white fur fibers will be clearly visible on a dark-colored rug. So, try to coordinate the color to your pet’s fur.

Patterns also make a big difference in the way your floor looks. Never opt for plain or solid rug. A patterned rug with small details is more likely to hide pet stains and accidents and the hairs will be less visible. Contemporary and modern styled rugs with simple patterns will not hide stains as well as a traditional rug style. Also avoid rugs with tassels and fringe as your pet will be attracted to chew play with it.


Consider Smaller Sized Rugs: 

Shop Smaller Sized Rugs

Shop Smaller Sized Rugs

Though smaller sizes are preferable for pet-friendly rugs, the size of the rug depends on the area of the place. Even if you have a larger region to cover, it is advisable to go with two rugs rather than one big piece. It is easier to find a replacement for a smaller rug, and it is easier to pack up the rug to take to the cleaners if need be. Hand-washing is also an option with a smaller rug saving you a few dollars by not having to hire a professional every time you need to move or clean the rug.


Low Pile Rugs:

Low Pile Rugs

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Looped and fluffy rugs feel marvelous under the feet but opting for a low pile rug is a smarter choice in a pet household. Fluffy rugs can give your pet the opportunity to bury unpleasant surprises in them. Shags and tall pile rugs are in general more difficult to clean and may incourage your pet to do his business in the rug if he/she can't make it outside in time. 

If you don’t want a high maintenance rug, avoid viscose-blend rugs, as viscose is a very absorbent fiber and will require professional cleaning. Also sisal, jute, and other natural-fiber rugs are not recommended as they are not easily washable. A vacuum cleaner is a huge help, as it will easily clean up pet fur and hair from your rug. You can also get a clear, unscented, PH balanced spot cleaner (like Capture) or apply some baking soda and  white vinegar whenever your pet has a waste discharge on the rug. Immediate spot treatment will help you to avoid any permanent stain. By following these Rug & Home guidelines to picking a pet friendly rug your floors will look beautiful and both you and your pet can rest easy on the rugs knowing you chose a rug fit for both of you.


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