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Our Story

Rug & Home was founded in 1995 with a very simple mission.  To be the Ultimate Destination for Rugs and Home Furnishings by delivering products with value, passionate service, and a delightful shopping experience.  We are proud to say that our mission has never wavered.  Our mission embodies four key themes:

“It's love that makes a house into a home.”

Home décor with a conscience.  We have an absolute commitment to giving back to the communities and artisans that have supported us so much as we have grown.  A percentage of all our sales goes to local and international charities. 

Through our Rug & Home Foundation, we have also given millions of dollars, as well as countless volunteer hours, to aid thousands of individuals and non-profit organizations in the past 25 years.  Read more about our past and current initiatives at Rug & Home Cares.

Products with a story.  We have an ever-changing mix of unique products from leading artisans from around the world.  The Rug & Home buying team travels the globe to personally select and inspect every piece individually before adding it to our inventory.

We have direct, personal relationships with our vendors, both foreign and domestic. This means that you can expect better deals and service both on brand-name items and on our exclusive products. It enables us to offer you new products and the latest home fashions before other retailers can. And it means that when you buy from Rug & Home, you can rest assured that each of our eclectic, curated pieces has been chosen with care, expertise and love.

Affordability.  We have always had a strong focus on bringing the best possible prices to our customers.  We believe that home décor should be accessible.  In many cases, we ship products directly from the artisans who make them.  Since there is no middleman, we can afford to offer highly attractive prices.  We also buy many products in scale, and are able to negotiate the lowest prices in the industry as a result. 

Make the process simple.  At Rug & Home, we do not believe that designing your perfect room needs to be a daunting experience.  Our staff of Design Consultants will help you do anything from selecting a rug to designing an entire room.  Feel free to send us a picture of your space or simply give us a call and let us guide you through the process.

It’s love that makes a house into a home, and at Rug & Home we love what we do for you and yours.


"No other art form has survived centuries and centuries."

Rug & Home is proud to be supporting the ancient art form of rug weaving, which has survived through the centuries. This incredible art form, which produces the magnificent masterpieces that we offer to our customers, is one that will no longer exist if we do not support it. It is still done the same way that it was done 2500-3000 years ago. There is no automation in this process – everything is still done by hand, whether it is the spinning of the yarns to the dyeing process to the actual knotting and washing of the rugs.

A 9x12 size rugs with 150 knots per square inch will have around 3 million handtied knots in the final rug. It will take four weavers close to six months to weave that rug. Comparatively, hand tufting, which is a process that utilizes a tufting gun that directs yarns into a canvas cloth to produces a rug, is a much quicker process, which makes the price of a rug much, much lower compared to a hand knotted rug.

Every rug that goes into Rug & Home’s showrooms is hand selected and inspected by our buyers. Many of these rugs are brought to you exclusively, directly from the weavers who hand make them. This enables us to support these artisans and to bring our customers the best values and most unique and high quality rugs found anywhere.

We encourage you to follow the journey of our rugs across the days and miles before they reach our stores by viewing this video and learning what it takes to weave a Rug & Home Masterpiece!