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August 06, 2018 2 min read

Antique Rugs vs. New Contemporaries a Friendly Rivalry

Antique Rugs

 Antique Rugs

 Both New and Antique rugs each have their own distinct advantages. Antique rugs are built to last, and have pasted the test of time. New rugs on the other hand have been made with the latest technology and fibers. Technologies such as stain treatment making these rugs more pet friendly than an antique rug.

Antique rugs have stood the test of time

Momeni Aged Rug

Antique Aged Momeni Rug

Antique rugs haven't just passed the test of time they have other advantages as well. They say..."Better with Age", I say, "true", when it comes to Vintage rugs.  These handmade works of art are timeless and truly hold their value and can even become more valuable and rare over time.  So if your a collector of vintage, hand knotted rugs, great! You may have a valuable commodity on your hands. Antique rugs are typically know as traditional rugs, and are a style of rug that will always be in.

New rugs can be made to match vintage styles

Loloi LQ-02 Rug

Loloi Loren LQ-02 Plum/Multi Rug Close Up

New rugs have advantages as well.  New contemporary rugs are typically more economically priced than antique rugs, and it is easy to find multiple rugs of different sizes in the same pattern. New rugs can also be hand loomed. Loomed rugs are made much faster than hand knotted, therefore the price is very affordable. Most new rugs are "tufted" or "power loomed" (machine made) and these rugs are even lower in price because of the very fast production. Another rug choice is the "screen printed" power loomed rug like the Loloi Loren and Lucca collections.  These rugs are copies/photos of vintage rugs that are transferred onto a machine that prints the image on the rug, therefore, you get a vintage look at a very affordable price. 

New rugs can be found in multiple sizes

Loloi LF-01 Rug

Loloi MH Lucca LF-01 Terracotta/Ivory Rug

But in the end, whether you choose a vintage, handmade heirloom, new, contemporary, machine or tufted, just choose a rug you love.  As long as you enjoy the look, colors and pattern, it will bring you joy every time you walk, dance, sit or just think about daily life on your rug.


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