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Area Rugs - Modern Designer Rugs

Your home might be built using premium-quality materials, but if it is not designed to protect the floor from high foot traffic or the interior is missing elements that breathe life into houses, then you might need to rethink decor solutions to address it. We at Rug & Home do exactly that. We curate a stunning collection of modern rugs, furniture and home decor items from some of the most renowned brands around the world to bring life to every corner of homes. Intrigued to explore what we have in store? Let’s check them out.

Amazing Styles of Area Rugs

Home rugs can be as remarkable, colorful, designer, and unique as you want them to be. Don’t believe us? Take a glimpse inside our selection of area carpet rugs: 

Contemporary Rugs

This style of designer rugs is all about featuring bold or muted colors, heavily contrasted in patterns, and solid, or geometric shapes. YASMIN YAS-8 CREAM RUG and YASMIN YAS-5 YELLOW/BLUE RUG are perfect examples of contemporary rugs where modern features reign supreme.

Vintage Rugs

As the name suggests, vintage rugs are all about area carpets that exude the charm of anything old and gray and showcase pretty minute, complex designs throughout them. NUIT ARABE NUI-88 MEDIUM GREY RUG and VESTIGE VES-35 CAMEL RUG are ideal vintage rugs that match various home decor styles. 

Traditional Rugs

Area carpets that feature floral, diamond, or mandala designs, prints, and patterns, are some of the best examples of traditional rugs. LEGACY LEG-40 ORANGE RUG can be the ultimate decor option for a traditional interior style.

Floral Rugs

It’s time to bring the beauty of nature indoors with our floral rugs. Floral area rugs such as GIADA GIA-06 LAGOON/MULTI RUG or GRAHAM BY MAGNOLIA HOME GRA-05 BLUE/MULTI RUG fit traditional, bohemian, farmhouse and chic interior decor styles. 

Boho Rugs

If you’re in search of the perfect carpet rugs to complement your eclectic interior style, then nothing suits you better than bohemian rugs as found on Rug & Home. MAJESTIC MAJ-10 ORANGE/BLUE RUG and ZOLA ZOL-5 LIGHT BLUE RUG are some of the top choices of customers in this category. 

Choose the right rug shape & size according to your space

Simply picking unique rugs for your home is not enough. Apart from considering your home aesthetics, you also need to take into consideration the shape and size of your area rugs. Rug & Home offers rectangle rugs, round rugs, square rugs, runner rugs, oval rugs and octagon rugs. Decide how much space you want to cover and the amount of space you want to leave uncovered and choose among our size & shape options. 

Explore the range of colorful rugs at Rug & Home

Now you can welcome a splash of exotic, eccentric colors even to the most minimalist rooms by choosing area carpets from our collection of white & ivory rugs, grey rugs, orange rugs, yellow rugs, brown rugs, beige rugs, green rugs, pink rugs, blue rugs, tan rugs, red rugs and more. 

Branded designer rugs online in the USA

Rug & Home is a home to designer rugs sourced from brands like Amer, Jaipur living, Kas, Dara Creations, Feizy Rugs, Dynamic Rugs, Karastan, Orion Rugs, Loloi, Momeni, LR Resources, Dalyn rugs, and more. We make online rug shopping fun!

Check out furniture & home decor items online

We don’t put a cap on our decor collection by simply curating rugs all across the globe; we also stock modern home furniture for all the rooms in your home and high-quality decor pieces for every corner of your home. Check out our exclusive collection of dining room furniture and living room furniture!

Rug & Home Ship Internationally

With our 5 brick and mortar stores all over the USA and a consolidated online store, we ship our rugs in the United States and outside. Visit our store or buy rugs online in the USA from Rug & Home! 

Why Choose Rug & Home for Area Rugs?

Rug & Home is a leading store in the USA for home decor items, home office furniture, designer rugs, and home furniture online. With so many quality options featuring diverse styles, colors, types, and sizes, buying area rugs, bedroom furniture, and kitchen furniture is hassle-free now. Design your dream home with Rug & Home!

Area rugs can provide structure, comfort and a warming effect to a home with hardwood or tile floors. They can also be displayed in carpeted rooms, resulting in a textured aesthetic that greets you in any room. At Rug & Home we offer an extensive selection of area rugs including many exclusives sourced directly from the rug artisans.

With so many options to consider, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t worry, we are here to help! Follow these tips to help you find the best rug for your home.

Area Rug Buying Guide

Choose the Right Shape Area Rug for the Room

Certain rooms and furniture lend to particular rug shapes. For example, the shape of your dining room table should match the rug in that room. A round table will sit on top of a round rug, while a rectangle table will sit on a rectangle rug and so on. The same is true for a living room rug sitting solely under a coffee table. You want the shape of the furniture to be reinforced by the rug and provide a harmonious design.

Know the Size of Area Rug That Works for Your Space

The wrong size rug can leave a room awkward and disjointed. The best way to start is by deciding how much of the floor you want to showcase and choose an area rug that allows you to do just that. A general rule is that at least 12-24 inches of the floor outside of the rug edges should stay uncovered.

Select a Rug Color that Compliments Your Décor

The colors in your rug can influence what color your furniture or wall colors should be. It can even affect what color secondary items such as art work or vases should be. For example, pattern heavy rooms can be served well with a solid color rug to calm the busy room. On the other end of the spectrum, a multicolored rug allows you to match other aspects of your room, such as paintings or a vase, to the color palette of the rug.

Add Style with a Rug Pattern

Selecting the right area rug pattern is just as much about choosing your style as the room’s design. Abstract patterns found in most modern contemporary rugs can provide a fun modern feel to a room with bold colors and unique patterns. Geometric design rugs are a great way to update your home for the 21st century. Traditional rugs convey timelessness and are a formal option for any home. Transitional design is a happy medium for many rooms that have blended decor. Distressed Oriental rugs are a popular trend from this class.

Picking The Right Rug Material Makes Care Easier

Things to consider when choosing your rugs material include the amount of maintenance you are looking to keep up, and the traffic volume in the area you place the rug. Two of the main categories include natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fiber rugs consist of bamboo, wool, sisal, jute, hemp and other materials found in nature. These materials are organic and treated with fewer chemicals making them environmentally friendly. Synthetic fibers are man made materials such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic. Their fiber durability make for a long lasting presence in your home.

The higher the traffic on a rug, the quicker the rug pile breaks down. Synthetic fibers do not distress as easily so they can be a great choice for the hallways and entryways of your home. Natural fibers are typically softer and can be a welcoming feature to any living room or seating area. A tip is to rotate rugs often so that wear appears evenly, especially if the furniture is placed on the rug.

Synthetic fibers are easy to clean and work well in kitchen areas of your home. Natural fibers are higher maintenance but spot treatments of any stains make maintenance an easy fix.

Here at Rug & Home, we know that what goes in your home is an important decision and we are here to help. Scroll through our area rug collections with these tips in mind. Find your perfect rug at Rug & Home, and enjoy free shipping on your order.


How long do area rugs last?

The lifespan of an area rug can be anywhere from 5 to 10 years when it’s taken care of.

How do you maintain an area rug?

Regular vacuuming of the rug, protecting it from spills and stains, and occasional cleaning using water maintain the beauty of an area rug.

How often do you wash area rugs?

The frequency of washing your area rug should be between twice a year or deep cleaning once a year.

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