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A runner rug is the perfect way to add color and style many rooms in your home. Runner rugs are often used in areas of high traffic within your home, such as your hallway or stairs. At Rug & Home you'll find stylish hallway runner rugs that will compliment your décor. Runners are practical, gorgeous and low maintenance; these rugs can easily become a wow factor in your home.

  • Hallway/Entryways: When placing a hallway runner in your home, be sure to expose at least six inches of wood floor on either side, this will give your rug a nice border around it.
  • Kitchen: A runner rug is a great addition to the kitchen. It provides a soft reprieve from firmer floor materials and a spot of color to a room that often displays very few colors.
  • Staircases: On a staircase, runner rugs can serve as both an appealing aesthetic and a safety function.
  • Bedroom: Runner rugs can be placed in multiple areas of your bedroom for comfort in paths you routinely walk. Place a runner rug along the side of your bed to warm your feet when you first wake up or create a path to your dresser or restroom.
  • Safety Tip: As runner rugs are typically placed in higher traffic areas of your home a rug pad is recommended to help keep the rug from slipping.

We carry runner rugs in 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 to 13 foot and longer runner rugs. Whether you're looking for a modern hallway runner rug or one with a more traditional pattern find it here, and enjoy free shipping.