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Floral Area Rugs - Modern Designer Floral Carpets

We all know that Home is where the heart is and a place that houses your heart should be adorned like a dream!

You can experience unparalleled luxury and sophistication with our bespoke collection of designer area rugs that will elevate the charm of your living space and turn it into a testament to timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and mesmerising quality. So, come along as we welcome you to a place that epitomises chic living, opulence and refinement through our collection of floral area rugs.

Choosing The Right Floral Rug - Color & Popular Designs

Check out our range of floral rugs for living room that will help you set up the space of your dreams:


This flowered rug will enhance the beauty of any indoor or outdoor space. Harbor 4250 blue tropical rug is a perfect blend of elegance and durability. You can place it in your living room or any other space to add sophistication to that setting through an enchanting dash of style and substance.


The captivating allure of this floral rug will turn this into an anchor point of any space’s decor.  Allure alu-10 teal rug is perfect for your entryways, lobby, living room or any other high-traffic area, as it facilitates durability and comfort underfoot.


The beautiful toned teal colour of this area rug adds the serenity of the sea to any space and resonates with a range of styles. The Sanibel Oasis rug isn’t just visually stunning but also a versatile addition to both indoor and outdoor areas. From your dining area to your sunroom, get your hands on this rug to transform any space today.

Floral Rug Care & Maintenance

You can adhere to the following tips to care for your area rugs effectively:

  • In case of liquid spills, you can use a clean, undyed cloth to blot the stain and absorb as much as possible.
  • Do not rub the stain, as it can drive the stain deeper into the rug.
  • You can also seek professional rug cleaning services for the effective removal of stains. 
  • Opt for rug pads to enhance the life of your rugs, protect floors, and keep scratches at bay.

Why Choose Rug & Home for Floral Rugs?

Rug & Home is the ultimate destination for Rugs and Home Furnishings. Our goal is to deliver value and facilitate a delightful shopping experience for our local and international clients through our international shipping services. 

We are also passionate about giving back to our society, and a percentage of our sales is dedicated to local and international charities through the Rug & Home Foundation. We curate the best products from talented artisans across the globe to provide you with the best deals and access to the latest home design trends. You can also get in touch with our design consultants, who can help you put together the perfect space. We truly believe that love, care and attention to meticulous details can turn a house into a home, and that is what motivates us. In addition to our floral rugs for bedroom and living room, you can also check out our collection of home office furniture, kitchen furniture, modern home decor items, etc.

Bring nature’s beauty inside with Rug & Home’s botanical and floral rugs! With nature inspired patterns a floral area rug is the perfect way to enhance your home. Choose from bold and colorful floral patterns or a more neutral color and pattern for a relaxing and natural atmosphere. Our floral rugs are influenced from flowers, leaves, vines and trees to provide a versatile style suitable for any room or décor. A floral rug can complement any décor while adding a fresh lively appearance to your room setting. Try one of Rug & Home’s refreshing botanical and floral rugs to make inside your home look just as amazing as the outside!

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