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Modern rugs can provide a touch of contemporary sophistication to your room design. With bold colors and the latest pattern options, a contemporary rug can update the design of any home. The patterns and colors are often unique and can accent odd shaped or trendy furniture and décor. Contemporary rugs often mirror popular art decor with current and retro designs. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a modern area rug:


  • Furniture: What style is your furniture? Does it have a unique shape or coloring? If so, a modern rug can provide a nice accent to the style.
  • Pattern: Contemporary rugs can portray trendy minimalist or abstract designs. Consider other patterns in the room and try to reinforce them in your rug choice.
  • Rug construction: Want the modern design with the traditional feel? Consider the construction type. A modern design rug with a hand woven construction type can provide a happy medium.
The Rug & Home contemporary rug collection contains color and material options for any style. Whether you are looking for a bold multicolored synthetic rug or a sleek minimalist jute rug, we have the right rug for your space. Set a theme or accent a color pattern in your living room or dining room. Find the modern rug that is perfect for your vision, and enjoy free shipping on your order!
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