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April 11, 2019 3 min read

Curating a living space can often be a daunting task, especially when it is your own! We all want our space to be a reflection of our best selves. Something that not only shows our style but something that shows our creativity as well.

But for one reason or another, there seems to be a lot preconceived “rules” when it comes to putting together a living space. Especially when it comes to mixing multiple  rugs. I can’t help but wonder why? The space is YOURS so view it as a blank canvas. There are many ways to make the space feel creative as well as curated when it comes to combing your area rugs! It doesn’t matter if you have an open floor plan or dedicated rooms. As the curator of your own space, you have all the options.

4 Ways to Successfully Combine Area Rugs

1. Use Matching Rugs

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This option is the simplest but often the one that many people question. Using matching rugs can be a great way to create harmony throughout the home. Whether you have an open floor plan or dedicated room, this style can work for you! It is a simple yet classic way of designing your home.

2. Use Complementary Rugs!

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Combining complementary rugs is a fun way to bring color into a room. This is most often done with two or moresolid rugs in complementary colors. This option creates bold living spaces and can really reinforce a color scheme. It is a simple option that creates an elevated feel.

3. Use Patterned Rugs in the Same Color Scheme

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Mixing patterned rugs is a creative way to liven up a space! Once you decide to go for it, your options are limitless. You can keep it simple and have differently patterned rugs in the same color scheme throughout the living space or you can really jazz it up and begin layering rugs on top of each other. Mixing multiple rugs can be done throughout the house. Living room, bedrooms, and even your formal dining room when done right. It’s all about picking patterns that visually work well with each other and sticking to a good color story.

4. Putting One Rug on Top of Another!

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Layering rugs can definitely feel like a far fetched concept but it is actually something that designers have been doing for a long time. It can be done in a very simple way or it can be pushed to the limits. A classic layering style normally has anatural fiber rug like jute or sisal on the bottom in a bigger size with a patterned rug in a smaller size on top. This is a great option for those of us who lovetraditional patterned rugs but are interested in shaking things up a little bit. A great example of layering is actually used in the living room set of the popular show Big Bang Theory with alarge blue rug underneath a patterned tribal traditional.

When it comes down to it, there really are so many options for making a space your own. You can “break the rules” and still have a cohesive, well-designed space. Yes, you can layer and mix different area rugs! The space is yours, so make it your own!

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