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Curated Collection of Black Rugs by Rug & Home

Rug&Home's curated Collection of Black Rugs embodies elegance and edginess. Our area rugs will add a sophisticated aesthetic with a splash of sass to any space. From adding a dash of drama to simply embracing the classic allure of black, our rugs are here to transform your space from "basic" to "marvellous!" Explore our collection to discover how black is not just a colour, but an attitude.

Different styles of Black Rugs for Your Home & Office

Check out our bespoke range of black rugs and then take a pick as per your style preference:

Modern Black Rugs

Sleek, chic, and oh-so-sophisticated! Perfect for giving your space that minimalist vibe with a hint of aesthetic flair. The CAMBERLY CM3 MIDNIGHT and the CALIX CNU01 BLACK/WHITE RUG are some of our top picks. There are plenty of other options on the website for you to choose from.

Traditional Black Rugs

Our traditional black area rugs blend classic patterns with timeless elegance. These rugs are perfect for you, if you love some good old vintage charm. You can check out many options in Rug and Home including the HATAY HY2 BLACK RUG

Contemporary Black Rugs

Bold, artsy, and super cool. These rugs work like abstract art for your floor. Our contemporary black rugs for the bedroom or any other room in your home are perfect for adding a pop of personality to any space.

Black and White Rugs

This is the ultimate dynamic duo! Black and white rugs bring a balance of contrast, turning the decor of your room into a monochrome masterpiece.

Black Rugs in Premium Materials

Our black runner rugs, black outdoor rugs etc, are available in a variety of materials such as: 

Wool Black Rugs

Our wool black rugs are luxurious and durable, offering plush comfort, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room. Explore our range of amazing wool black rugs such as the TARTAN TRA-6 CHARCOAL RUG

Cotton Black Rugs

Soft and versatile, these black rugs are easy to clean and perfect for high-traffic areas.

Synthetic Fiber Black Rugs

If you are looking for something affordable and durable our synthetic fiber black rugs will be ideal choices for you. These black area rugs combine modern design with easy maintenance.

Natural Fiber Black Rugs

Eco-friendly and textured, these black rugs will bring a quaint and earthy charm to your home decor.

Black Rugs in Various Sizes and Shapes

From round rings to large black rugs, you can take a look at different shapes and sizes of black rugs on Rug and Home: 

Small Black Rugs

These are perfect for cosy nooks and corners. They bring about a lot of aesthetic value to compact spaces and create a striking accent without overwhelming the room. You can skim through our website including WONDERLAND WN11 BLACK RUG which has a super festive feel. 

Large Black Rugs

Make a bold statement in your living room or dining area with large black rugs. These work as an anchor point for your furniture and add a dramatic flair to your decor.

Round Black Rugs

Round black rugs work very well for breaking up monotonous decor and add visual interest to any space. In fact, they work wonderfully under round tables.

Runner Black Rugs

Spruce up the aura of your hallways or entryways with sleek black runner rugs. These long, narrow rugs protect high-traffic areas while adding a touch of style and imparting visual elongation to your space.

Tips On Selecting Colours & Designs That Compliments Your Home Decor

From black runner rugs to black rugs for bedroom, you can take a look at these tips for choosing the right design for your space: 

Solid Black Rugs

These rugs are super versatile and can be placed in the living room, dining room etc. These black area rugs work well in minimalist and modern interiors by providing a sleek, sophisticated look. 

Black Patterned Rugs

You can choose black patterned rugs if you want to experiment with subtle texture without overwhelming the room. Choose patterns that align with other design elements in your space for a structured look.

Black & White Rugs

This is a classic combination that can add contrast and visual intrigue to any area. Black and white rugs fit beautifully into monochrome or contemporary spaces and exude an enchanting appeal.

Geometric Black Rugs

If you are looking for something that can complement your modern decor styles, the clean lines and bold shapes of geometric black rugs can create a focal point and bring a dynamic vibe to your room.

Floral Black Rugs

If you want to bring a touch of nature indoors, floral black rugs will be the best choice for you. Floral patterns in black add a hint of romance to a given space. They work wonders for an eclectic decor theme. You can place them in your living room or even bedroom for a snazzy vibe.

Why Choose Rug And Home

Rug & Home is your top destination for rugs and home furnishings by offering great value, passionate service, and an exceptional shopping experience. We give back to communities and artisans, with a portion of sales supporting charities through our Rug & Home Foundation. Our unique, high-quality products are handpicked from artisans worldwide while ensuring exclusive, affordable pieces. We are a home decor online store with an expansive range of area rugs, throw blankets, rug pads, rug care products and much more! Moreover, you can seek support from our Design Consultants who will help you transform your house into a lovely home!

Frequently Asked Questions for Black Rugs

How do I clean and maintain my black rug?

No matter if it is Shag black rugs, large black rugs or any other variety, it is advisable for you to care and clean your rug to preserve its texture and prolong its life. Use a rug pad to prevent slipping, vacuum regularly and trim loose yarns with scissors. For spills, blot immediately with clean towels, and use a pH-balanced, no-dye cleaner for cleaning.

What is the best rug pad to use with a black rug?

Karastan Down Under Rug Pads from Rug and Home are best to be used with black rugs. 

How do I prevent my black rug from fading?

To keep your black rug vibrant, do not place it in direct sunlight and use a rug pad to reduce wear and tear. Regularly vacuuming can help maintain its colour and texture.


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