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July 09, 2018 2 min read

Sari Silk Rugs: Born to Satisfy the Wild Side in Us All

A Sari Silk Rugs are the statement piece for your wild designGiselle GX 02 Peacock Sari Silk Rug

 Giselle GX 02 Peacock Sari Silk Rug

A Sari Silk rug is that piece that stands out and makes that statement when one has completed the process of furnishing, painting, and decorating the walls of their new or existing home, but it's not yet complete. While everything in your newly furnished home or room may flow together within your chosen color palette, a piece that stands out like a Sari Silk rug can give your home that missing something. A sari silk rug will satisfy that “Born to be Wild” side inside of all of us with something unique, vibrant, and as incredible to walk on as it is to look at. Often this realization is the beginning of the journey into the gorgeous variety of options that Sari Silk rugs have to offer. These stunning rugs not only offer a variety of brilliant and decadent designs, but they also come with an remarkable back story to share during your housewarming party to debut your newly decorated space.

Upcylced Sari dress silk is over dyed for the rich saturated colors

Giselle GX 05 Ocean Sunset Sari Silk Rug

Sari Silk rugs are an upcycling success story. Sari Silk rugs are made from recycled vintage Sari dresses, and Sari Silk scraps from the dress making process. These silk scraps are then unraveled by hand into individual strands, meticulously re-spun, then finished by delicately hand-knotting each strand into a dazzling rug masterpiece. Because each rug is dependent on the specific saris collected, each rug is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Sari Silk rugs are eye catching and thoroughly saturated in color, and are made entirely of fortified hand-spun silk. These rugs are amazing underfoot and have a very soft and dense texture. They are perfect next to a bed to save your feet from the cold harshness of your floor.

Sari Silk upcycled yarn  Sari Silk Dresses

With so many designers and interior decorators making neutral palettes a more common theme, there has never been a better time for those who are decorating their home to listen to their “Born to be Wild” side. Including an imaginative Sari Silk rug to brighten and bring your home together all at once is the perfect way to indulge your wildness. A Sari Silk rug is sure to enhance your home with its rich history, rich texture, and rich translucent colors that come from the over-dyed handspun Sari silk strands. Nothing anchors a home like a rug, but nothing fully satisfies the eyes of home owners and visitors alike, like a Sari Silk rug.

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