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June 27, 2022 4 min read

Rugs are the perfect way to decorate a space - grounding a room while adding some color, pattern, or texture to the area. This is just as true for an outdoor area as inside your home. You may not immediately think about placing a rug out on your patio, but it can anchor a seating area and add a sense of coziness to the space.

In today’s rug world there are rugs specifically made for outdoor use. These rugs are affordable, stylish, and durable and made to withstand the elements while adding some softness underfoot. 

What makes an outdoor rug different?

Generally, an outdoor rug is tougher and more durable than other varieties because it is composed of materials that resist wear and tear from natural calamities. Many are mold and mildew-resistant so you do not have to worry about them getting soaked in a thunderstorm.

1) Add a serene feeling to your Garden space with Outdoor Rugs

Add one of these outdoor rugs to your backyard area and you can make it as tranquil as the rugs inside your home. While they aren't waterproof, they do dry much faster than indoor rugs due to their water-repellent qualities. The best part is that if you spill something on them, a garden hose will easily clean them.

2) Keep your Feet Cool from the Hot Patio


Make your outdoor patio an even more elegant and refined place to be with a decorative rug. By placing outdoor rugs in your space, you will not have to worry about stepping out on a hot summer day.  Rather than being hot and uncomfortable, the rug can absorb the heat and feels cool to the touch.

3) Painless Yoga with Comfortable Outdoor Rug


In today’s market, you can find more varieties of Outdoor rugs suitable for various purposes. Specialized outdoor rugs are perfect for doing yoga, and will provide real comfort while you practice your poses.  These rugs are both practical and affordable.

A person can get either colorful or neutral outdoor rugs for their yoga mat depending on the style they prefer. In addition to being both comfortable and stylish, these outdoor rugs are anti-slip and thus provide a greater degree of safety while practicing yoga.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of being able to use the outdoor rug to conceal signs of floor damage or stains.

Benefits of having an Outdoor Rug

There's no doubt that an outdoor rug can add elegance to your home's outdoor living space. But there's more to an outdoor rug than meets the eye!

Here are a few key benefits to using an outdoor rug:

  • Add a Splash of Color to Your Space: The floor space areas of your patios, decks and porches tend to be rather bland compared to the greenery surrounding them. This makes outdoor rugs the perfect accessory to your space! The bright colors in many outdoor rugs also provide added visual appeal when placed on your patio or decking area. You'll find that there are many different styles available for these types of rugs as well; everything from classic patterns such as stripes and checks to fun designs like florals and kaleidescopes.
  • Easy to Clean: Just wiping down with a damp cloth will clean up a dirty outdoor rug. Also, outdoor rugs are water-resistant, so you can hose them down and hang them out to dry. For cleaning tough stains, you can use mild detergent along with a soft brush.
  • Provides Real Comfort for Barefoot Guests: Rugs are the most recommended accessories when kids and other family members prefer to walk outside barefoot. Besides pulling the entire look together, rugs set boundaries for kids and guests.

Tips When Selecting the Best Outdoor Rug for Your Home

When you’re shopping for an outdoor rug for your home, you’ll need to find the right answers to the questions listed below. This will help ensure you’re buying the right quality rug for your home’s outdoor living space.

  • What kind of rug materials do you prefer for your home's outdoor living space based on the outdoor areas you are going to use? Most outdoor rugs are made from either Polypropylene (Olefin), Polyester or Nylon. Polypropylene is the most highly-sought after outdoor rug material due to its strength and comfortable texture.
  • What’s your budget? You can find rugs to match any budget, but it always helps to know what you are comfortable with. And at Rug & Home, we are always willing to help find solutions for you with our financing and layaway options.
  • What size outdoor rug you are looking to purchase? This really depends on how you want the space to look and what other furniture is in it. For example, if you have a seating area and want the front legs of the furniture to sit on the rug, then we at Rug & Home recommend an 8x10 to 8x11 size! 

Bottom Line

Unlike indoor spaces, outdoor spaces in your home don't have a defined space. Choosing the right outdoor rug will give that cozy feel and help tie it all together. Plus, the elegance and variety of outdoor rugs allow you to style your home’s outdoor living space into whatever you want it to be.

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