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July 12, 2018 2 min read

Design Trend: Modern Boho

Jaipur Modern Boho Bohemian Style Rug Green Room

Jaipur Modern Boho Style Rug and Room

Modern Boho (Bohemian)  - darling - the essence of the eclectic and the free flowing design eye. A kilim pouf there, your banana tree for some height here, and of course your favorite tie-dye bed duvet. Seriously if your room isn’t a colorful collage as bright and as vibrant as your soul would any other free spirited self-designer even recognize it?  


Combine different little artistic elements from different time periods

Surya Havana collection Modern Boho Bohemian Style Room

Surya Festival Rug Collection

Modern Boho is about self-expression and the diversely patterned. Taking small elements of your space that bring in color, life, and a little bit of the outdoors that create an airiness and a lightness that doesn’t bare down. Boho, or Bohemian style is at its core ‘the unconventional’  surrounding yourself with an artistic and nomadic style that mixes time periods and cultures into a space that doesn’t match but blends into its own unique representation.


Low sitting furniture & light linens will create an inviting floor space

Surya Bohemian BOM 2304 Rug

Bohemian style really peaked in the 60’s and 70’s but the way it has developed and grown has shifted how you can adapt it into your own space. Light linen canopies over your bed or in your bedroom are a trade mark of the light vagabond feeling pairing it with a low seated bed even floor level giving as much of the tent, nomadic feeling.


Plants help blend harsh lines and bring the outdoors in

Plants are great for the Modern Boho Style

Plants! Bring the beautiful greenery inside. Any climbing vines, macramé knot hanging pots, or massive house trees blend harsh lines of the walls separating the indoors and outdoors. The transitional feeling of space and attention to windows instead of tv walls or your kitchen is a direct focus of a boho style, but really is a design idea applicable to any style.


Dhurrie & Kilim Rugs are a Hallmark of Modern Boho Style

Dhurri Kilim Loloi Isaria 03 Rug

One last key element of modern boho style. RUGS! RUGS! RUGS! I mean if you are a true bohemian lover you should not even be able to see your floor! Layer and stack, side by side, pattern by pattern, kilim by dhurrie. Nothing looks more gorgeous then a thick Persian rug on a solid vintage couch with some tasseled pillows. Go nuts!


So if you want to be a part of this individualistic design trend. Remember these Modern Boho tips light lines draped above your bed or along your wall will create a flow throughout your space. Plants are a most to bring the outdoors in completing that nomadic bohemian style. As many area rugs as you can fit into the room completely covering the floor. Kilim  & Dhurrie rugs are perfect for the Modern Boho style, because they are reversible, and thinner than most traditional rugs. Remember Modern Boho is a reflection of your artistic, eclectic flare, and you should only fill it with everything you love.

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