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July 23, 2018 4 min read

6 Great Summer Decor Trends of 2018

With the warm sunlight filtering into your home, it is time to give your home a summer makeover. It’s simple: after a thorough dusting away of winter debris, do away with the heavy cladding of winters to give your home a more airy feel. For this year’s decor, abide by the idea that less is more. Simply alter one or two elements to renew how your home looks and feel. Turn to pastels, floral and geometric patterns and popping shades. Here’s a rundown of six great summer decor trends to try out in 2018:


  1. Indoor Foliage

 Room full of Foilage

With the sunlight streaming in, here’s one way to optimally utilize it: your own indoor garden! The physical and psychological benefits of gardening notwithstanding, adding potted plants brings an unparalleled grace and minimalist beauty to your house. If you are just beginning to care for plants, put some succulents and cacti (both of which require low maintenance) in glass terrariums and put them near coffee tables and room ends. You can also get small hanging potted plants to hang in porches and to frame windows. For some more pizzazz, get leaf-shaped custom signboards with the plant names designed. Not only do they look cute—they will be helpful guides for guests!


  1. Floral Prints

 Fantasy FA06 Multi Color Rug

Fantasy FA06 Multi Color Rug

What is the next best thing to actual flowers? Patterns of flowers, of course! Floral patterns never really go out of style, but in recent years, they lost favor for more minimalistic designs. The summer of 2018, however, is all about these patterns making a huge comeback. It’s not surprising that floral patterns are an effective summer trend: flower motifs, whether big or small, instantly brighten up a room and create a fresh airiness. You can go for soft whites with tiny, delicate flowers or blooming patterns on a rug to instantly freshen a room up!


  1. Geometric Wall Art

 Baiano Decorative Metal Mirror

Baiano Decorative Metal Mirror

There is a compelling argument for getting geometric patterns in your decor: their firm angles adds symmetry and style to your rooms and becomes quite easy on the eyes. While you can definitely change the wallpaper on a wall with monochromatic geometric patterns, a more lasting and easy-use item to add would be geometric wall art. Adding geometric art on your walls makes a room look well-rounded. With the light bouncing off its angles and curves, it is bound to draw attention. Get this handcrafted decorative metal mirror for a radiant finish to a monochrome wall.


  1. Update Your Home Exterior & Garage Door

 Indoor Outdoor Rug

Escape ESC11 17 Blue Rug

Refurbishing your home for the summer does not simply mean making modifications to the interior of your home. In the cold winter months, it is the outside of your home that undergoes the most battering—especially your patio, porch, & garage door. With the warmer months coming in, it is important to check and update your garage door. Besides regular maintenance to ensure all is smooth and functional, you can add some pizzazz by repainting your garage and the door to a bright yellow or purple. Your patios and porches could probably use a fresh coat of paint to, but adding a fun and festive indoor/outdoor rug can do a lot to dress up the space. If you have space, you can even convert one of the exterior walls of your garage into a living plant wall! Make sure to have the door well-checked, however, so that the fumes do not damage your plants.


  1. Open Furniture

 Rustic Hickory Chair AM42002

Rustic Hickory Chair AM42002

Akin to curling up in a softly padded armchair in the winters, is resting on the open, airy back of delicate wooden chairs in the summers. This summer is all about slatted bars on furniture with an old-age wooden finish. Open chairs can add an unparalleled elegance to your room while hinting at an openness that heavy armchairs often lack. Get this Rustic Hickory chair, which combines an old world charm with a modern ease, to lounge out in your porch or by the window. You can also opt for handmade wooden bedsthat are not only customized to suit your needs but are also airy and super comfortable, perfect for hot summers.


  1. Color Pop

 Lily & Liam LAL05 17 Blue Rug

Lily & Liam LAL05 17 Blue Rug

One of the most impressive interior designs you can plan is around popping colors. Design rooms with bold, bright, saturated and vibrant colors, from an eclectic color palette. Here, you can bring together your zesty orange and yellows, and effervescent mints and pinks. You can either give your room a paint job or add colorful upholstery, offset by your monochrome walls. You can also opt for carpet tiles to add a pop of color to your room while giving it a refined look. Keep in mind to decide on a color scheme, since too much color can be an overkill. Get this multi-colored pillow to complement your yellow, pink and blue walls with its fresh colors. Add this smart and sassy citrus rug to add an instant zing to your floor!

The reason behind changing the look of your home ever so often is because your home is uniquely yours. More than anything else, your home reflects your personality and moods. Using these ideas, keep a home that is both cozy and trendy; and which gives you a creative release and immense joy. After all, your home is where the heart is!

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