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August 02, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Color by Design: Sky Blue to Brighten & Lighten any Room

Loloi Ophelia OE 02 Sky Blue Rug and Room Scene

Ophelia OE-02 Grey Blue Rug

Blue is a primary color and sky blue is the most calming shade to decorate with. When you look at this color in interior design it’s often described as peaceful, trusting and healing. Some may feel that sky/light blue is a melancholy color reminiscent of spring rains, but individual experiences also have an important role on the moods that colors create for themselves. You can use a sky blue rug in your design as a strong symbol or leave it light and airy depending on the coordinated decor.

Sky blue can create a relaxing paradise

Sky Blue can be the color of the sea or sky

Specifically sky blue, when being used in a space can help achieve better results. For example, when staring up at the sky or out at the ocean, we feel quiet and calm. Using this color in a bedroom can help you relax better and turn the switch off after a long day. Also, putting a sky blue ceiling in a children’s room may help promote sleep better at night. Which is always a plus for mom and dad. Let’s not forget the bathroom. If you’re the type of person who looks forward to a hot shower or a long bath then adding some blue would be ideal for your relaxation time.

Blue in a bathroom or a children's bedroom has added benefits

Ophelia OE-02 close upLoloi OJ-01

If you are looking for a space that promotes peace and relaxation, sky blue may be the right color for you. The next time you are designing a space for your home incorporate this shade of blue and experience the benefits this color gives!  


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Sandra Parker
Sandra Parker

August 05, 2018

Iam looking for a chiap indoor and outdoor rug .

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