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July 05, 2022 3 min read

Rugs are one of the most common and essential parts of home décor for the majority of homes. Along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal they also provide additional benefits like protection, safety, noise prevention, ease of cleaning, etc. There are many different varieties of rugs available in the market to select from. The two major types of rugs are handcrafted rugs and machine-made rugs. 

What is a Handcrafted Rug?

The rugs are created on a manual loom that is based on the dimension of the rug decided by the craftsman. Handcrafted rugs are the most widespread technique used for manufacturing rugs. The different techniques involved in the handmade rugs include the hand-knotted rug, hand-tufted rug, and flat-woven rug. 

What is a Machine-made Rug?

As the name of these rugs suggests, these are made on a machine.. These rugs are identical in the look to the traditional handwoven ones, however, these machine-made rugs are produced using high-powered industrial looms involving computer-controlled specialized multi-needle sewing machines. As these rugs are prepared using a machine, the time required for their manufacturing is less and mass production can be done efficiently.

Handcrafted Rugs - A Combination of Personalized Feeling:

The handcrafted rugs are unique and hold a special feeling in the minds of their owners. Craftsmen use manual looms for creating these rugs, tying every knot by hand. This is a laborious process, and can take up to a year for the largest and most complicated designs.. The different characteristics that help these rugs to gain the uniqueness include:

  • These rugs are handwoven by the craftsman and even if the pattern of the rug is similar there might be subtle differences from the other pieces as it depends on the individual craftsman.
  • The handcrafted rugs are made with care, passion, creativity, and precision.
  • The quality of these handcrafted rugs is superior compared to the industrial ones and if maintained properly, these handwoven rugs last for decades. 
  • As these rugs involve lots of effort by the artisans and are more durable, so the cost of these rugs tends to be higher. 
  • These craftsmen pass on their skills from one generation to the other.

Machine-made Rugs - Combined with High-Quality prints

The machine-made rugs stand out separately from the traditional handwoven ones. The various characteristics of the machine-made rugs include:

  • These machines use different types of threads for making the rugs. Thus, large varieties of rugs are prepared on the same machine. 
  • These machines can produce rugs with different patterns or prints and designed using computer graphics.
  • These machine-made rugs display uniformity in all the rugs using mass production.  
  • The machine-made rugs are cost-effective as compared to the traditional ones as it involves less time and effort in production.

Which one is better? 

Confused to pick which one is better? Well, here is our comparison table this will give you a clear picture and guide you to pick the right rugs for your need. 


FeaturesHandwoven rugsMachine-made
DurabilityLong durabilityLess durable as compared to handwoven
Time takenTime-consuming processFaster automated process
FringesFringes blend into the rugFringes are added separately
Edge finishingNo visible stitchesStitches are visible
Efforts involvedMore efforts and precision involvedEasier automated process
ValueAdded value to the product and worth investing inCheaper product


Both these types of rugs have their potential buyers based on their needs and taste. Comparing different features, the traditional handwoven rugs are superior to the machine-made ones but it truly depends on the buyer and their requirements. 

Final Verdict:

If you are one of those antique lovers who always prefer to be unique and creative, then choosing a handmade rug over a machine-made rug would be the best option. Of course, handmade rugs will cost a bit higher when compared to the price of a machine-made rug. But it possesses several advantages apart from just being a decorative element in your home. It is far better and an excellent choice for investment in the long run. 

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