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July 19, 2018 4 min read

Style Guide: Luxurious Apartment on a Budget

 Design on a Budget Great Studio apartment ideas

We have all at least once dreamt about living in a huge mansion like all those celebrities that can enjoy their spacious living rooms, spa-like bathrooms and a king-sized bed. Unfortunately, not many people can turn this dream into reality, or so they think. In order to show you that one doesn’t have to be super-rich in order to turn their average-looking apartment into a true symbol of luxury, we’ve singled out a few tips and tricks on how to get a luxurious and trendy apartment on a budget. Let’s take a look!

Declutter your entire home

Renaissance 4500 07 Butterscotch Rug

First, you need to make sure to get rid of any unnecessary items and clear all the mess which makes your apartment look too cramped and overcrowded. You can either ask around to see whether some of your neighbors would like to take your old furniture and other belongings or donate them to a homeless shelter. We guarantee you that once you’ve done this, you’ll end up being pleasantly surprised with how much bigger and cosier your apartment will seem.

Passionate bedroom design

Evolution EVL03 22 Navy Rug

Last but not least, transforming the bedroom into a haven of passion is a must. You can start by forming your color palette and creating a mixture of earthy tones and royal blues for the walls and furniture. This will help you achieve a perfect fusion of sensual and serene vibes. On top of that, nothing can set the mood for love better than carefully-chosen ambient lighting and scented candles. We are sure that this romantic atmosphere will make you feel as if you were living in a fairy-tale mansion.

Add a splash of color to your living room

Colorful Living Room Surya Rug

There is nothing more splendid and luxurious then rich and vivid nuances incorporated into every aspect of a home’s interior decor. Therefore, instead of constantly playing it safe and sticking to monochromatic designs and pastel tones, go a step further and add a splash of color to your living area. For example, lemon yellow accent in a rug or home decor are always a great option, especially if you contrast their playfulness with the sophistication of the amazing leather lounges. This way, not only will you achieve a great balance between laid-back and more elegant elements, but you’ll have enough space to seat all your friends comfortably when they stop by. Finally, the easiest and least expensive way to add a few more shades and patterns to your living room decoration is by bringing in chic accessories like wooden tiki masks and beautiful vintage vases.

Don’t neglect the bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Your living room may be the first thing everyone sees when they enter your apartment, but this doesn’t mean that you should neglect all its other parts, particularly the bathroom. After all, you can make it look super-glamorous on a budget in no time. You just need to start by cleaning the tiles and replacing your old faucets. Furthermore, an elegant freestanding bathtub would also be a smart investment since its unique style and rustic feel will speak volumes about your great taste. Lastly, remember to come up with some smart storage solutions as well, since no matter how luxurious your bathroom may seem, once you cover it in dirty towels and old clothes, the magic will instantly disappear.

Introduce art pieces

Horizon Paiting

Another useful trick to turn an average-looking space into a true oasis of luxury is to create a focal point which will serve as a wow factor and definitely enhance the rest of your home design. So, what can achieve this effect better than an over-sized piece of art!? What’s best, this doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you take the time to visit the nearby flea markets and thrift stores. You’ll be surprised to see what kind of treasures they hide!

Think outside the box

Vertical Wall Garden

If you really want to make your apartment the talk of the town, you must think outside the box. So, instead of just blindly following the current decor trends, show off your creativity and opt for less common solutions. For instance, an indoor vertical wall garden is just an example of how even a simple detail can add authenticity to your living space and sweep all your guests off their feet. We have many Magnolia Home accessories that would be perfect for such a garden. Furthermore, geometric wooden shelves are another interesting idea which can definitely bring a new life and a touch of drama into your interior design.

As you can see, you don’t have to be super-rich in order to be able to enjoy a luxurious and nicely decorated apartment. All it takes is a bit of creativity and readiness to take a leap and experiment with different ideas. Good luck with the project and don’t forget to enjoy your new home!

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