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July 16, 2018 2 min read

Lavender Rugs & Decor for a Tranquil Style

Lavender Rugs & Decor Equal a Tranquil Style

Derived from the Old French word “lavandre” meaning “to wash”, lavender in its essence cleanses the soul. This is because of its calming properties. Lavender is a flower that portrays grace and balance. In its floral form it is considered the symbol for love at first sight. It also denotes meaning of purity and devotion. This flower is often used for its essential oil, which can be diffused to create your home’s atmosphere to feel more peaceful. Studies show that the power of meditation is 10 times greater in ultra-violet lighting, because the color promotes balance.


Lavender is a Great Color for you Bedroom or Bathroom

Lavendar Rug  Lavender Bird Pillow  Lavender Transitional Style Rug

In its color form, it can be soothing to look at, even peaceful when used in your home. The color lavender is often used because of its spa-like and relaxing nature. This is a great color to put in a bathroom or bedroom, because that is often where you want to feel most relaxed in a home. This color pairs well with grays and aqua, so there is a lot of room to be playful when using this color in your design scheme.


Lavender Matches well with Grays & Aqua and the occasional Orange

Lavender Surya Rug with Orange Sofa

Something good about using this color in your design plan is that lavender can be a warm tone or a cool tone depending on the shade you get. Lavender is being called the “new neutral” so step outside your box of tans and add this color in your home!


When designing with the color lavender to create a room that is not only beautiful, but scientifically proven to sooth. Remember these pro tips, lavender can be either warm or cool toned depending on the shade. A warmer tone of lavender will match well with wood tones, blacks and chocolate browns. A cooler tone of lavender will be more neutral matching with grays, blues, and contrasting colors. Lavender is a perfect choice for a bedroom or bathroom where you naturally want to feel more relaxed. Still if lavender is your favorite color, then it is perfect to have in every room.


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