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July 20, 2022 3 min read

Rugs are an integral part of every home required for increasing the aesthetic appearance of the home. It simply adds a character to your room. There are different types of rugs including handwoven ones as well as machine-made rugs. Each of these rugs has its unique features. The most preferred ones are the traditional classic rugs.

What is Classic Rug?

The classic rugs are also known as handwoven rugs are known for the beauty and the intricate designs that they display. These traditional rugs are considered to be one of the fine investments as they continue to increase the beauty of the surrounding for a long time.

Here are the lists of reasons that make classic rugs as more special than others:

  • These rugs are versatile and will help in achieve the practical goal for each user.
  • These help define the space by unifying by bringing it together with décor.
  • It helps bring scale to the room, making it feel much cozier.
  • It helps give the room a feel fresh and adds value to the space.

Making of Classic Rug:

These classic rugs are made by artisans following different cultures. The designs or patterns used in these rugs are the representation of the art from ancient times that help in adding value to these rugs. These rugs are prepared by using different techniques like hand-knotting, hand-tufting, flat weaving, etc. 

The design used in Classic Rugs:

The different types of classical rugs have designs that are inspired by the different cultures and traditions. These rugs depict the ancient craft. The designs on these rugs attract the viewers through their complex motifs and bold colours. 

The artisans weave the rugs based entirely on their memory by using the valuable records from the family or tribal traditions. Some of the rugs are woven considering the antique designs from different locations which enhances the specialty of these rugs. 

The types of antique rugs from Persia include the Heriz rugs, Mahal rugs, rugs from Tabriz, Serapi classic rugs, etc. These are some of the examples of vintage rugs that are famous for their designs. 

Why Classic Rugs are in higher demand than Modern Rugs?

Modern or contemporary rugs are the ones that make use of the vivid colours and abstract designs or elements as opposed to the traditional art used in the classic rugs. Modern rugs are influenced by modern art and free-form elements.

Modern rugs use different materials compared to the ones used in classic rugs. Modern rugs are preferred by most users for the reason that these rugs are less expensive and are easily affordable to most consumers with lower budgets. 

Classic rugs, on the other hand are preferred by users who have a love for the classic designs and patterns. These classic rugs are made by skilled craftsmen using fine handwork. Compared to modern or contemporary rugs, classic rugs have better finishing and have more durability. This is one reason buyers tend to buy classic rugs more often.  

Apart from that, here are a few additional aspects that keep classic rugs in the limelight than other types.

  • It offers more versatility and helps to achieve practical goals
  • Helps to define the room space with perfection
  • Easy to clean & change
  • It gives elegant look and makes us connect with them simultaneously

These classic rugs, when properly cared for, can last for more than a decade. Many people consider these classic rugs as a good product to invest in. Because of their delicate designs, the cost of these rugs is higher compared to the modern ones. Classic rugs have more aesthetic appeal than modern rugs, making them more popular with consumers.

Bottom Line

Well, this blog might give you a clear picture of traditional classic rugs. A traditional classic rug bags a lot of long-lasting benefits along with excellent reputation values. Owing to that beats all other rug types and manages to stay in the market competition. Still confused! It’s better to seek help from professionals by visiting our showroom at your nearby place on buying rugs according to your need. 

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