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April 23, 2019 4 min read 1 Comment

If your kitchen is anything like mine, the tile floor is cold and uninviting, especially early in the morning when I am struggling to make coffee. My kitchen is an open concept floor plan that includes my breakfast nook, so trying to define the separate spaces was important. Another constant battle for me is trying to get my table level. A kitchen rug was the perfect solution for both of my issues.

You may have heard that a kitchen is off limits to rugs, but this way of thinking is outdated. Some people like to have a small rug in front of the kitchen sink, while others decide to cover the entire room or just use a runner to accentuate and cushion the high traffic areas. Here are some things you’ll want to consider as you search for the perfect rug for your kitchen.

1. Pick the Right Material for a Kitchen Rug

Shop Flat Weave Rugs

The first thing most people think of when choosing a kitchen rug is whether it is stain-proof. If your kitchen is more accident prone, a great option is a flat weave rug. They are ideal for high traffic areas because they are made of cotton and are washable. The low pile is also great for pets because they are less attracted to the smaller weaves. Many people choose to use indoor/-outdoor rugs with synthetic fibers for kitchens that seem to be the center of the home. They are great for those pesky spills and hold up well to the large amount of foot traffic.

I personally went with a tufted wool rug. The wool is a natural fiber and has a special thing called lanolin built into the fibers which serves as its own natural stain resistant. The tufted rug brings a splash of color to my all-white kitchen as well as adding the cushioning that helps to make my tile floor less cold in the mornings.

2. Get the Best Size Rug for your Kitchen

Shop By Size

The options for accessorizing your kitchen follow far less rules than those of other rooms. A small 2x4 or 3x5 rug can mean a gentle foundation for your feet at the kitchen sink. A large 8x10 rug can complete a large open kitchen area and make you feel just at home in your kitchen as you do in your living room. Maybe your kitchen just doesn’t have the space for either. A soft area runner placed between cabinets can make a stroll to your morning coffee feel like walking on air. You just have to decide what areas you want to cushion and what size works best for your home.

3. Choose a Rug Shape That Works for Your Kitchen

Shop Round Rugs

Selecting the shape of your rug can be a fun challenge for many people decorating their kitchen. Placing a rectangular rug under moveable islands or small tables in the kitchen provide a warm reprieve from the hardwood and tile common in most kitchens. Small 2x4 or a 3 to 4-foot round rug can mean cushion while standing in front of the sink, fridge or stove. Rectangular runners can reinforce flow in a galley kitchen. Round rugs can be great for a kitchen with a reading nook, pulling together your home eating areas. While it is true the shape of your kitchen does carry some limitations, it is not the end all. Less traditional shapes are being incorporated into contemporary design. Along with highlighting geometric shapes, an octagonal rug is an exciting trend for many designing their home.

4. Add Color and Texture to Your Kitchen

Shop Multi-Colored Rugs

Kitchens usually have simple color pallets and minimal design. The beauty of an area rug is it can help you affordably decorate without painting or remodels. A nice patterned rug can provide a texture your kitchen may be missing. While a solid area rug can reinforce the minimalist look and instill a sense of calm to the space.

A kitchen area rug can also provide color to a space often lacking in it. Choose a color that works well with your color scheme, but also consider the mood your want to feel when you are in your kitchen. Red can ignite a passionate creative side to your meal prep, while calming blues may be the tranquil addition you need after a long day of work. Dark colors are often best for this high traffic area due to the tendency of spills.

With rugs in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen, it is a good idea to consider safety guards. Nonslip rug pads placed under the rug provide the steady traction needed to prevent the rug from slipping when moving over it. It can also prevent having to constantly move it back to the correct spot and provide a little extra cushion to your rug.

Whether you are interested in grounding your furniture, cushioning your feet, or just adding a fun splash of color to your kitchen, a rug is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is a great way to make your home feel like it flows from room to room. With so many options both natural and synthetic, the fear of outfitting your kitchen is a thing of the past.

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April 26, 2019

This was very well done thank you for the post.

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