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November 17, 2015 2 min read

The holiday parties are being planned as we speak and it’s time to start the gift giving. Finding the perfect gift for your co-worker or holiday gift exchange can get tough. You’re not sure of their style or they seem to have everything already. We’ve gathered our Rug & Home team together to help you find the perfect gift as you play “Santa” for your friends, family, and co-workers. Remember, you never have to spend a lot of money -- it’s the thought that counts the most.

Tina’s Gift

A gift card from their favorite store or restaurant; in a box wrapped with their favorite color and a hand written note from you attached.

Brittney’s Gift

I find that the portable battery chargers make great nifty gifts for anyone. Most people have one or more electronic devices that they have to keep charged while away from home.

Milton’s Gift

I’d have to go with a gift card, it’s the easiest! You can wrap it in nice wrapping paper or a big red bow.

Liz’s Gift

I received a super soft and fuzzy robe that I still wear to this day. I think it’ll be the perfect unisex “Secret Santa” and keep you warm during the chilly winter evenings.

Luis’ Gift

I enjoy giving out some type of cologne or perfume because everyone likes to smell good!

Tammie’s Gift

I like to give 1/4 pound of good coffee (any coffee shop will sell a small amount) and a festive mug.

Melody’s Gift

If it’s a woman I always go for bath supplies, a woman can never have enough. Men are usually a little harder for me so I go with something sports themed, a hat or t-shirt with their favorite team’s logo is sure to please.

Secret Santa is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season without breaking the bank. Don’t struggle with gift ideas this year. We hope our team’s gift options will help you wow your toughest recipient.


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