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November 19, 2015 3 min read

There are many reasons to give and many ways to go about doing it. The holiday season isn’t about who can spend the most money, it’s about who gives from the goodness of their heart. Anyone can master the art of giving, it’s not hard once you really sit down and put your mind to it.

This Thanksgiving and Christmas the countdown has begun and we all know finding the perfect dish or gift for the occasion can get stressful at times. Start early by getting creative and find the perfect meaningful gift to surprise your family and friends with this year. After reading a blog post from the National Geographic’s blog, we decided to take a shot at creating our own concept of the art of giving. Join us so we can all spread love and joy this holiday season.

Give your talents.

What are you good at? Maybe you’re great at keeping your home organized and your friends always compliment you on it. Share that with your friends and family. Giving them all a wall organizer to keep important papers in or willow baskets for extra blankets or home supplies is a great start.

Give an adventure.

This is a great non-traditional gift. If your family loves to get out, take them to try something for the very first time. Remember, it’s all about the memories you make together. Sky diving, skiing, horseback riding – whatever their interest are, it’ll be an adventure they will never forget. When you’re gifting this adventure presentation counts. Don’t forget to grab a few decorative boxes to disguise your adventure in when gifting it to your friends or family.  

Give by listening. 

Listen to your friends and family. Do they seem stressed? Or, are they always talking about how much they need to remember to take time for themselves? We spend so much time talking sometimes we forget to listen to those close to us. Help your family to relax by giving a seat belt rocking chair to add to their beautiful home décor. This wooden wall décor would also be the perfect addition to any office or bedroom, we all need a reminder to just relax after a hard day’s work.

Give by birth month.

Jewelry is the first thing that comes to mine when you think about holiday gifting, but step outside the box this year. Gifting a table lamp or even a rug in someone’s birthstone makes for the perfect meaningful gift during any season. This shows him/her you put some thought into the gift instead of purchasing the first thing you saw. You actually took the time to pick out an item that means something.

Give by Act of Kindness.

We can always gift things, but we don’t always have enough to give gifts to everyone? If not, simply bake cookies for your neighbors, open the door for the person behind you, or buy the person’s lunch that’s behind you in the Panera Bread line.  You never know what someone make be going through that day, a simple gift card to say thank you for all your hard work is also a great idea.

Give by interest.

If anyone knows your friend it’s you! You know what they like and the exact item that would fit their personality. Sometimes we forget about our friend’s goals and dreams when it comes to gifting. Do you remember attending your best friend’s first yoga class? Remind her of that memory with a sweet hand-written note and this yoga frog statue. Wait that’s not all we have great gifting ideas for the environmentalist in your life, that one friend or family member that’s all about making this planet a better place. Lastly, we can’t forget the book worm. Do you have a friend writing an e-book or book? Push him/her toward finishing by purchasing this distressed book end as a reminder.  

How do you plan to give meaningful gifts this year?

Happy Holidays!


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