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November 11, 2015 3 min read

‘Tis the season! It’s time to get your Thanksgiving dinner ideas in place. That’s one thing we can for sure be prepared for, but what about the extra guests this holiday season? Is your home ready for hosting your family, friends, and those unexpected guests you may have to entertain? We know how hectic things can be as soon as the month of November hits, especially if all the holiday functions are held at your house. Don’t panic, we have 10 easy ways for you to stay on top of things even if you find out about last minute guests.

1. Nightly Cleaning

Doing a nightly pick up around the house will help you out a lot, you never know when that friend of a friend may pop into town and ask to crash at your place. Go through your home and pick up things that may have gotten out of place throughout the day, straighten the kitchen, and place everything where it belongs. 

2. Extra Food

As we find ourselves already 12 days into November you want to make sure you’re prepared with extra snacks. It’s always great to keep more food than usual in your home during the holidays. When you’re out shopping for the week grab an extra bag of chips and dip or three bottles of wine instead of two. This makes for a great snack while you whip up an easy meal.

3. Guest Room Prep

It’s now time to remove all extra clothing and shoes from the guest room floor/bed. Make sure the bed is always made and clean towels are laid out. This makes it so much easier when you get that lunch break text from an old friend who’s in town for a night and needs a place to crash.

4. Guest Kits

Are you ready to become the hostess with the mostess? Prepare a few overnight kits, usually a basket filled with toiletries, slippers, a book, and a few snacks. This will for sure get you the hostess of the year award from any of your unexpected guest.

5. Stay Ready

Instead of spending your lazy Saturday sleeping in, get up, shower, and get dressed! After that’s done then you can lounge around and catch a mid-morning nap and just in case the doorbell rings you’re already that much more prepared.

6. Light Candles

Making sure your home smells at all times is a plus. We all know of the great fall/winter scents that come out this time of year, stock up! Light candles when you wake up in the morning and in the evening to get a nice aroma going in your home.

7. Stock up on extra linens

Locate and clean all your extra sheets, blankets, and pillows. By doing this, you’ll be able to offer extra when the house gets crowded and couch space is needed as a bed. Sometimes families like to gather all in one room for a movie or game so the extra blankets will keep everyone comfy.

8. Games

You never want your guest to get bored in your home and one way to prevent this is to stock up on board games or make up your own. Pinterest is perfect for guiding you through fun games you can play when guests are in town. Monopoly or a serious game of charades are always great for breaking the ice.

9. Extra Seating

Create a space for extra seating in your home. Add a few throw pillows to your ottoman or purchase new chairs for your living room. It’s a great idea to rearrange your living room to fit a few extras during the holiday season.

10. Ask Questions

You want to make sure your guests are comfortable during their stay so feel free to ask questions. Are you hungry? Do you need anything? Did you forget anything? Want to run out to the store? Sometimes your guests may be too shy to ask for things they may need or want, especially when they arrived on such short notice.

So remember to be a bit more organized and prepared this holiday season. Your home doesn’t have to be flawless, but with these 10 easy tips you’ll have a smile on your face when the doorbell unexpectedly rings because you’re prepared.

How do you prepare for unexpected guest? Comment below.

Happy Holidays!

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