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Our Team’s 5 Easy Ways to Make Guests Feel at Home

November 09, 2015 2 min read

The holiday season is fast approaching, like it or not! Our families will arrive soon and the pressure of making sure your home is presentable and cozy is at an all-time high. Just take a deep breath and relax – some simple touches can help make your guests feel special and welcomed! We’ve asked our team here at Rug & Home for a few pointers.



Melody’s Tip

If it’s someone from out of town that has not yet been to our new home, I will give them the tour of my humble abode. If it’s someone who has already been to my home or after my short tour, I will offer to take jackets (weather permitting) and get them a drink. And of course, put away the rambunctious puppy. :)

Dawn’s Tip

In my home, I like to create a cozy atmosphere with holiday décor and matching candles or wax warmer scents in the fall and winter seasons. In spring and summer, l like to create a clean, beachy feel with accents and aromas to match.

Ron’s Tip

We like to put out some good food and cold or hot drinks – my wife makes a great homemade lemonade! The game is usually on the TV, or if we’re looking for great conversation, we get the fireplace going and play some music.

Lisa’s Tip

I prepare for guests by making sure I have warm scented candles, a home cooked meal, and throw blankets with comfy seating.

Melissa’s Tip

I like to provide my guest with a small basket filled with goodies. In any given basket, you may find a magazine, bottle of water, travel lotion and toothbrush, along with a snack or two. I’ve found it’s the perfect touch to making guests feel welcome.



Also remember to have sleeping arrangements, food, and necessities (towels and extra toiletries) already planned. We hope these tips help ease your anxiety as guests arrive.

How do you make your guests feel at home during the holiday season?

Happy Holidays!

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