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Fluff it Up

December 20, 2013 2 min read

We’re talking comfort and warmth this season, folks. The holidays are not just a time for gathering, but a time for presentation. With all the family and friends visiting, you are conscious of placement and decor within your home. You want to have just the right amount of seating, the perfect lighting for that gorgeous tree, and cozy places to snuggle with hot cocoa. Pillows are one of the least expensive ways to pack a big punch in your home. They are versatile, colorful, and come in multiple shapes and sizes.

Trend #1: Floor Cushions

Taking large, over-sized pillows and using them as seating for little ones around a coffee table is an expensive and comfortable option. This same idea can be transitioned to holiday festivities when needing to gather family and friends around the tree. Introduce large pillows or poufs into your space at costs well under $100.

Trend #2: Mixing Color & Pattern

Feel free to ditch the standard matchy-matchy pillows that came with that sofa. It’s all about mixing it up these days. Introduce complementary shades into your space in various sizes to create some depth. Pattern is fine to mix and actually encouraged, just keep the scale consistent. Our Villapillows are making waves at Rug & Home for their trendy geometric patterns and plush down centers. Beaded pillows are visually appealing but they aren't for comfort. We’re throwing embellishments back in the closet and packing punch with pillows that offer not only trendy color palettes, but function for the money.

Trend #3: Go Tribal

You know you’ve seen it. Walk into stores like American Eagle, and you are overwhelmed with all things Jean StoriesJane Herman Bishop, has recently featured this trend for Vogue’s 5 looks series. But tribal hasn’t just taken fashion by storm we’re seeing it everywhere in our rugs, pillows, and linens as well. Surya, one of our largest vendors, carries a large selection of pillows and flat weaves in these designs. We also carry a large selection of Classic Home and Villa pillows in this trendy style. You can bring this style and pattern into your home in festive holiday colors to stay on trend and coordinate easily with your holiday home décor.

Just a few tips:

  • Large pillows are for over-sized sofas and small pillows are for small sofas. You can mix and match, but be sure to mix it up and not have the same size pillow on a different scale than the piece of furniture.
  • Mix it up in the bedroom. You can have various sizes and shapes in the bedroom. There’s no right or wrong on a bed.


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