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Rugs for Warmth

December 23, 2013 2 min read

We all know rugs come in many different sizes and styles, but let’s face it: most of us are purchasing rugs for practicality. It’s a rarity these days to hear of a new home built with all carpet. That’s just not the “in” thing to do. We’re installing hardwoods in most of our common trafficked areas and then we’re faced with the dilemma that the floors are too cold. What do you do to warm up the space and preserve those hardwood floors? You lay down a rug!

It’s always humorous to me that customers remark on having spent so much money to lay down hardwood floors “just to cover them up.”The science of the situation is that hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain, but they do nothing for sound proofing. Who wants to get out of the bed and step on ice? You're probably not raising your hand right now. The purchase of a rug doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re covering up your floors. Truthfully, if you are using design ideas in mind, you want to keep the rug approximately 18” from the floorboards. This allows for vents, air flow, and depth, but that’s another story. The practicality of the rug is to warm up the room.

Depending on the space you may want something thick and fluffy like a shag in your family room or something flat and coarse like a flat woven rug in your kitchen area. A timeless hand knotted offers warmth and durability making it a perfect solution for beneath a bed or in a formal living room.  A hand tufted rug offers comfort and durability in a well-traveled living room but is also fire resistant making it perfect for in front of a fireplace. Beth Keim created this beautiful living space using a neutral Surya rug.

The Surya Calypso rug brings comfort into this eclectic space designed by Lucy and Company. They've dressed up builder's grade carpet and brought in both warmth and comfort.

From Traditional to Contemporary, rugs are always a good choice for introducing warmth into your home. Accentuate with bold color or blend in with a neutral tone. We've got options for everyone! Stay tuned for a lesson on Designing with Mirrors later this week.

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