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How To: Decorate with Flat-woven Rugs

May 23, 2016 3 min read


Flat-woven rugs have become increasingly popular over the past few years. However, not every flat-woven area rug is constructed the same, and therefore will have a different style and create a different feeling when using them in your home. Rug & Home defines what sets each of these flat-woven rugs apart, as well as how to conquer decorating with them.






Types of Flat-woven Area Rugs-


  • Kilims

Kilims are highly patterned, brightly colored flat-woven wool area rugs. Kilims are one of the oldest and longest held traditions in the world, dating back to 7000 BC and many scholars believe even earlier! These collectibles traditionally possessed tribal symbols with various meanings or woven with altar designs for the purpose of using kilims as a prayer rug. Today, the interwoven geometric designs bring warmth to a space with a global vibe, and can be used seamlessly in any décor or arrangement.

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  • Dhurries


Dhurries are a distant cousin to the kilim, but they were historically constructed of cotton instead of wool. Because of the distinctive weaving method used, dhurries are typically only available in solid or stripe patterns, but this unique construction also makes them reversible! Dhurries are resilient and durable making them an excellent choice for any room! They also look great in a casual setting; although recently they have been used in formal décor, as dhurries add warmth and color to any room of your home.



  • Soumaks

Soumaks are another distant relative of the kilim; however Soumaks are thicker which makes them exceptionally durable.  They are also finely woven with richly detailed motifs and feature exceptionally diverse patterns and designs. The most common themes of Soumak area rugs are repeating patterns, grand medallions or tribal layouts. Soumaks are also reversible, one side gives a formal hand-knotted design and the other side gives a herringbone pattern that is perfect for more of a casual décor. Coordinate these area rugs to flatter modern furnishings or to soften any minimalist interior!



Decorating Tips to use with your Flat-woven rug


  • Layering with natural fiber rugs

Layering two rugs, one on top of the other, is a trending style that has become popular recently. To achieve this fashion-forward design, start with a neutral base such as a natural fiber area rug. Most designers will utilize a sisal or a jute rug to begin with, and layer a flat-woven rug on top, always leaving at least 12 – 18 inches of space on all sides.  The layering effect of the flat-weave and sisal rug will creates a beautiful contrast between the two rugs.

Photo Credit: Jenna Burger Design



  • Layering with multiple flat-weaves

Another great design trend is layering multiple flat-weaves, one on top of another to create a patchwork collage. The patchwork flat-weave collage will not only bring a new textural dimension to the area, but will also work to anchor the furniture in a creative and playful way. Try using different flat-weaves with similar colors and patterns to instantly give any space life!

Photo Credit: HGTV


  •  Where?

Choosing the right space for your flat-weave can be quite simple as they are convertible and look fabulous anywhere you choose!  But, if you are looking for a place to set your home apart from just enjoying your new flat-woven area rug in the living room, then try adding it to your kitchen, bathroom, or even your foyer! By adding an unexpected flat-weave to your kitchen or your bathroom you will definitely cozy up the room and add a new texture to the space. Introducing a flat-woven area rug at the front door or in your foyer is also an outstanding choice as the rug will not only introduce the rest of your home, but is also easy to clean for your incoming traffic.


Equipped with the knowledge of flat-woven area rugs, and armed with a few designer tips- you are ready to try some of these looks yourself!

Share your creations with us and we may feature your designs! 



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