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July 07, 2016 2 min read

Summer is officially here! The days are longer, the air is warmer, and there are endless possibilities of beach, sun and DIY projects! Summer home decor is whimsical, colorful and always brings smiles to the faces of friends, family and guests. To celebrate sun-kissed skin and our favorite season for DIY, I’ve gathered some amazing projects for you to bring the joy of the summer to your home.

Watermelon Stamped Rug

Watermelon decor always seems to end up in my home in the summertime. There’s something about that sweet treat that conjures memories of summer fun and happiness. This mat is extremely easy to make, will take no more than an hour and will cost you almost nothing!


Recycled Bottle Torch

Backyard torches are a great way to create a relaxing vibe when you are enjoying an evening outside, hosting a BBQ or ending a great day of backyard fun for the whole family. They can help keep bugs away and keep the party going all night.


Garden Hose Wreath

Skip the traditional wreath for your front door and replace it with this beauty. Some silk flowers, a small garden hose and your trusted glue gun, and you are all set to make your front door fabulous. Impress loved ones and guests with unique summer style!

Frosted Jar Picnic Caddy

Why eat inside when you only have a few short months to do so? This picnic caddy will make it easy to enjoy more time outdoors. Not only is this a fun DIY project, it’s the perfect tool to help you move any meal to a sunnier location.


Tricycle Planter

Finding projects I can do with the many toys the kids have grown out of is one of my favorite ways to DIY home decor, and this planter is the perfect project for when a tricycle is on its last leg. It’s whimsical and beautiful, and would make a great addition to any yard!


Metal Washer Wind Chime

Wind chimes are often expensive and can get redundant when you are looking for them in stores, but with this DIY, you can make one to match your own specific style. Choose your paint colors and your base, and you will have a beautiful chime for the outside of your home.

Take advantage of the summertime. Grab your paint, glue gun and other necessary materials, and start up some projects with your loved ones outside!

Guest Author: Tabbie Stark, also a writer for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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