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April 06, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

One of the most personalized rooms in any home is the game room. Here, you can design this space for entertainment, leisure and even a little bit of storage. Often these rooms must be decorated with not only their functionality in mind but space as well. Here are some ideas to remember when tricking out your game room:

1.Represent Your Favorite College Team

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One of the best ways of personalizing your game room can be to decorate it with the colors of your Alma mater. The Luxury Sports collection by Dalyn Rugs features several college logos ranging from Clemson University to Florida State with many more universities to come!

Custom Size for sports rugs

Represent your school colors with these hand-crafted soft, durable rugs. This collection features carved pattern details, a thick, easy-to-clean plush and premium cotton backing that protects the durability of both the rug and the floor. Several college logos are currently available with more coming later this year. 

Available Sports Rug Teams

Tips for Adding Furniture

2.Recliners and Sofas

It's important to remember that sofas in a game room will be in a differently setting than a living room, so you can mix it up a little design-wise. For example, where a living room may have more traditionally designed furniture and accessories a game room can aim for a more contemporary design. This will complement the fun aesthetics of the space.

3.Game Tables

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That said, the game room does not strictly have to have a contemporary design and could aim for something more traditional. Some game tables may be built to accommodate more old-school games such as chess or rummy, and their design may reflect that.

4.Bar Cabinets

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Bar cabinets are a fun addition to any game room. These pieces can add a nice casual atmosphere to the room and are a great space for both food, beverages and conversation. Their narrow, easy-to-fit table space is also ideal for smaller game rooms.



Visit Us In-Store for Bar Cabinets

From a decorative standpoint, stools can act complementary to the other furniture pieces in the room (not just the bar cabinets). But the nice thing about stools is how they are easy to move, can save on space and still provide enough seating with in your game room.


2 Responses

Rug & Home
Rug & Home

April 25, 2019

Glad to hear about your excitement, Gaelle. We should be introducing even more universities in the future.

Gaelle Wolff
Gaelle Wolff

April 25, 2019

This is great I can’t wait to get a Clemson rug for my step Dad.

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