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June 18, 2018 2 min read

Following the Trends

     Looking to change a room? Swapping your rug is a fabulous way to instantly transform and update your space. Check out a few current rug trends and see if any of them speak to you!


     Layering rugs is all the rage at the moment. It’s a great way to add extra dimension in your space with textures and color. Lay down a large jute or sisal rug and top with a cowhide for a fun juxtaposition.  Perhaps you want a wool hand knotted rug, but a larger size is beyond your budget. Layer a smaller version over an affordable neutral to stretch your décor dollars. Try a traditional wool rug with a plush shag for a creative mix.


     With Farmhouse style making waves in the design world, “vintage” rugs with a faded distressed look are in high demand. These rugs are a great way to warm up a space and give it a homey, cozy feel. You can also pair this style with modern furniture to keep things fresh.


     Colorful rugs in various patterns and styles, such as Ikat, Kilim, and overdyed are a perfect way to brighten up the neutrals of the walls and furniture that are so on trend at the moment. A bold, colorful rug and pillows will really bring a gray, taupe, or white room to life.


     As more people want to move away from traditional rugs, there has been a surge of interest in rugs featuring geometric designs. From repeating patterns of stripes, hexagons, zigzags, and triangles, to abstract designs, geometric prints are favored for their clean, modern appeal.  Geometric print rugs range from subtle neutrals to bold and bright, making them quite versatile.

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