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May 14, 2018 2 min read


When it comes to futuristic urban design I think of clean lines and simple fabrications. A renovated loft space comes to mind with sleek architecture, a mixture of brick, wood and metals, and neutral colors. The space would be interspersed with pops of accent colors such as yellow and blue to keeps things fresh.

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This design trend is increasingly becoming popular, especially in areas where old mills and historical buildings are being transformed into apartment spaces. This embodies the definition related with “urban design”. This style is softer than the industrial look, because it incorporates warmer tones, wood floors and rustic brick; and often natural light from large windows.

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The definition of futuristic is having or involving very modern technology or design. Tying in the technology aspect with interior design, we can use “futuristic” features such as lighting dimmers and entertainment systems with surround sound. The futuristic aspect of the decor in the home is greatly focused around the style of the furniture… how bulky or sleek it is. For example, a minimalist dresser with clean lines set against aged hardwood will look futuristic in comparison. Futuristic home decor will usually have a chrome or metallic finish, but a combination of colors and textures can create a similar futuristic feel.

Rug and Home Nourison Rug

Everything that goes into a space is important. Creating a style and feel you will love coming home to every day. That’s what makes a house feel like home. Finding a style that suits you is important, so if this blog has sparked your interest maybe Futuristic Urban is the style for you.

So make it yours!

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