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May 21, 2018 2 min read

5 Favorites from the Asheville Showroom

Kazaks - Kazak's are one of the favorites of the design staff in the Asheville store. Unusual in their design and color, we love these distinctive rugs which are crafted in Afghanistan. The beautifully rich colors are a result of the use of vegetable dyes and the "Caucasian" designs are influenced by the rugs made in the more northern parts of the Persian empire, Russia, and other parts of the former U.S.S.R.

Traditional Kazak Rug

Traditional Kazak Rug

Traditional Samads - The design staff in Asheville appreciates the meticulous craftsmanship and high quality of the Traditional Samads. These sophisticated rugs are crafted from the finest wool and silk and finished to a look of perfection for an unrivaled hand. Dropping one of these to be viewed on the floor always draws the customers and employees alike to the showroom floor to appreciate these extraordinary rugs.

Samad Golden Age

Samad Golden Age

Oushak - Oushak rugs, woven near Istanbul, Turkey are well loved by the Asheville design team due to their soft colors and elegant designs. The large scale of the designs, geometric design, and central medallions make them desirable to both interior designers and homeowners.

Cozy Oushak Rug

Woven Oushak Rug


Sari Silk - Sari Silk Rugs, an edgy designer's favorite, are made from the recycled remnants of the colorful Saris worn in India. They are masterfully woven into one of a kind rugs that display the full array of jewel tones found in the garments. These rugs are truly works of art that feel fabulous, look bright and lively, and add a feel of luxury to your decor.

Giselle GX 02 Peacock Rug

Giselle GX 02 Peacock Sari Silk Rug

Ikat - We love the centuries-old design of Ikats because they lend a global, exotic looks to any design scheme. Crafted from silk and/or wool the playful, usually bright designs have been an inspiration to both clothing manufacturers and Interior Designers for centuries.  

Vista VIS20 Ivory Ikat Rug

Vista VIS 20 Ivory Ikat Rug

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