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August 09, 2018 3 min read

Creating an Organized & Stylish Dorm Room for

Back to School

Student College Dorm Life Back to School

It's time for back to school time, you have already bought all the books, school supplies, clothes, and more, but lets face it dorm rooms are small so where are they going to put all this new stuff. Here are a few Rug & Home essentials that will keep your college student's room organized and stylish even throughout finals season.

  • Rolling Carts
  • Plush(Shag) Rugs
  • Baskets and Trays
  • Wall Hooks 
  • Seating with Storage

Think of Rolling Carts as rolling bookcases, rolling tables, rolling nightstands, and perfect for every occasion. It such a tight space as a college dorm room it is great to have something that is easy to move out of the way to work on large projects or hold study sessions.

Rolling Carts are Multi Functional and Easily Moved

 Homestead Galvanized Cart

This Homestead Galvanized cart is perfect for such a space. The make will stand up through the multiple moves, and the wear and tear of dorm life. Also the metal finish and material is perfect to decorate with magnets, and will match any decor theme or style with the right accessories.

Dorm Rooms are made from cement blocks, and brick at best. The floor is usually covered in the thinnest dullest carpet available, and is just uncomfortable to walk on. A plush rug can do wonders to brighten and lighten a space, and make you want to get your shoes off and relax.

Shags for a Great Retro Feel

 Bliss Shag Rug

Bliss 1551 Shag Beige Rug

A medium length Shag like a Bliss Shag rug is perfect for that plush rug feel, or go full length with a Cosmo Shag rug. If you want a plush rug that isn't a shag simply adding a rug pad under any rug will give it a springiness and cushion that feel amazing underfoot.

Baskets & Trays the All Purpose Organizational Home Decor


I know you have heard it before, and from every home decorating guide; however good advice is worth repeating trendy baskets and trays are great functional accessories that will keep your college dorm room or any room tidy and organized. If you are going for country or industrial theme you can also add buckets or metal tins to this list.

 Wall Hooks Something to Hang your Design On

 Bedroom Wall Hooks

Dorm room closets are tiny if available at all, and winter coats and book bags take up a lot of space. A set of wall hooks not only provide a place to hang everyday items, but are also perfect for small hanging plants or terrariums bringing a bit of green life into the space. Also macrame rope hangers can hang more than just lamps, a great place to hang a basketball, or other sports equipment.


Benches and Ottomans are Great Seats and Storage

     Aspen Ottoman   Aspen Ottoman

Lastly finding an extra chair or seat in a dorm room can be tricky. You want a place to sit when you visit them, and their bed may not be the best place either. Still with such limited space a simple chair may seem like a luxury. Now image that chair or bench was also a place to store books, shoes, extra blankets and more. This Aspen Ottoman is comfortable and the lid lifts to reveal a great place for storage.


So as you or your college student heads off to start the next great chapter in their life make sure that they are comfortably prepared with every comfort of home by shopping our great selection of rugs, decor, and home furnishings. We have something for every style and budget, and a great team of trained design staff to help bring your vision to life. 






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