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May 28, 2018 2 min read

 A Round of Applause    

Memorial Day Honoring those who served

     This Memorial Day Rug and Home would like to give a big round of applause to all our Military and Service men and women. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, and was made an official American holiday in 1971. Our Military and Service men and women fought for our rights and our freedom of expression.  Personally i think we all are different in our own way, and from a home decor perspective we have the freedom to express that difference. The keyword is different. Very few of us are simple enough for straight lines. That's one of the reasons that i believe round or rounded pieces in a room can be a fun way to give some definition to a room.

 Evolution EVL05 75 Grey Rug Kaleen Round Rug

Evolution EVL05 75 Grey Rug

     The dictionary definition of “Round” is: shaped like or approximately like a circle or cylinder. Example: she was seated at a round table, or was she was sitting on a round crescent sofa. There are a plethora of round, semi-circular, pieces of furniture that she could have been sitting at such as a barrel chair.

      First off, most rooms are rectangular or square in shape placing angular pieces inside of a room with your typical shape can seem common sense or generic in nature. Most visual definition comes from placing different shapes in different places. For example a round rug can center a room, or can be used with the right side table and chair to  create a cozy nook in larger room.

 Classic Home Round Furniture

      Classic Home   

     If you have ever seen a circular print on a rectangular rug. Or if you have seen a curved lined  painting on a square canvas or scalloped legs on a dining room table. It would be easy to notice how just a few rounded curves can create definition in even the smallest aspects of your room.   

 Graphic Illusions GIL04 Parchment Rug Nourison Round Print Rug

Graphic Illusions GIL04 Parchment Round Print Rug

      As you go about your Memorial Day celebrations, if it be a fun day of shopping or time spent with friends and family, remember to keep your celebrations well rounded with a moment of thanks to the great men and women who made this day possible.


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