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May 31, 2018 2 min read

Furniture Highlight Comfort Design

     Comfort Design Furniture Rug and Home sofa couch sectional

     As a furniture design associate at Rug & Home Comfort Design is one of my favorite companies to sell. They have almost 70 styles of standalone reclining chairs. Comfort Design also offers theater seating and sofa/sectional options in both leather and fabric. It is also exciting to know they are a North Carolina based Furniture Company and your purchase is being made right over the mountain! As soon as a customer says recliner I say Comfort Design.Comfort Design Furniture Rug & Home Chair Cutaway

    Comfort Design Custom Furniture With such great awareness in making purchases that are environmentally responsible it is great to know Comfort Design has that covered. At Comfort Design environmental responsibility isn't a trend because they are actively committed to the stewardship of the Earth and its resources. Comfort Design recycles manufacturing waste, including leather and fabric scraps. They also recycle all leftover foam and packaging materials. Even the upholstery springs are crafted from recycled steel and the fiberfill used in the arm and back pillows is derived from recycled materials. They also partner with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative making sure that the resource itself is not depleted.

Comfort Design Furniture Brown Leather Chair

     All of these are great reasons for Comfort Design to be a go-to seating company. BUT the best reason is in their name, COMFORT! Without a doubt I can be confident that every item that comes in will be a great value, great design and consistent in the comfort level of their product. If you want the best comfort in reclining furniture come in and do a sit test. Our stores have fabric and leather samples onsite. Stay as long as you need to, after all we are here to give you the best service available!

Comfort Design Furniture is available at any of our Rug&Home Locations

 Comfort Design Furniture at Rug & Home


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