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Out With the Old, In With the New: 5 Tips to Update Your Old Décor

January 04, 2016 6 min read

The New Year is here and now is the perfect time for “out with the old, in with the new” when it comes to your home décor. It’s time to redecorate your home or apartment and get rid of all your old décor and holiday decorations. Updating your home with fun new colors, décor, accent pieces, and more can make it feel like a whole new place. If upgrading your home’s décor is at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list, we have five tips to help brighten up your home with a fresh look. 


New Color Scheme

Are you currently over your living room or bedroom color scheme? Too many colors can add a bit of an overwhelming feeling in the home. Find a new color and make sure your space is cohesive. This can be done in quite a few ways. Start by easily purchasing a new statement piece of furniture, update your bedding, or add a new rug into your space. When decorating we must always remember what each color means and what vibe we’d like certain rooms to have. Here are a few options:

Blue: Decorating with blue brings peace and calmness into the home and is known to be the “it” color to help you unwind and relax after a long day. This is a great color for your living space or bedroom.

Green: This is the color of growth, renewal, and rebirth, sounds like the perfect color for the new year –right?! Green will give your home the balance it needs and make a statement. Try adding an enchanting emerald green to your kitchen, you’ll never go back!

Red & Pink: Are you ready to walk into your home with lots of energy?? If so, red or pink is your new favorite color. These colors will excite the spirits and motivate you to take action. Here’s a great tip, adding red or pink to your home office will make it pop as well as help you stay focused to get your work done!


Switch Your Accessories

Here’s where “out with the old, in with the new” really comes into play! It’s time to let all your old accessories go and upgrade. It’s time to take a look into each room in your home and write down what needs to go or what can be swapped out with the décor in another room. Simply updating your home accessories can give your house a whole new look. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered.

Living room: Start with something simple like new lamps or throw pillows, pops of color always work in your living room space. New curtains are also a great way to add a quick updated look into your living room by opening it up to a completely different vibe. We can’t forget a new living room accent chair, find something that’ll attract your guests as soon as they walk into the door. These quick options will take your living room to a whole new level of chicness.

 Bathroom: This is probably the cheapest and quickest room you can upgrade. After the color scheme is decided quickly replacing your shower curtain can give your bathroom a new feel. You can also grab a new hand towel and bathroom accessories while you’re shopping. A nice neutral color like gray or camel makes it easy to update your bathroom on the fly.

Bedroom: Your bedroom should be the most relaxing place in your home. Switching out the bedding to something fresh is easy. A new white comforter, some throw pillows, a new area rug, and even the lighting can give your bedroom a clean, chic, or minimalistic look.


New Art

The bare walls have to go in 2016! It’s time to update your space with cool and eclectic art. Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even the man cave, you can update just about any space in your home with art! You’ll be able to bring your personality alive by adding a few pieces of art to your home and also give your space an instant upgrade. Wall art can really make your interior visually interesting by adding interesting designs and cool colors.

Oil Paintings: Maybe you’re going for a more botanical theme this year. Try adding beautiful florals, flower pieces, or other oil paintings wall accents into your space. Give your bathroom a story by adding some much needed art.

Hand Painted: Some hand painted art is that “it” piece you need for your dining area. It can bring your whole dining room together and even if it wasn’t painted by you, you’ll always get that asked by your guest. Bring out the colors in your dining room furniture by adding hand painted arts with pops of color, like this beautiful hand crafted piece with turquoise highlights.

Prints: If you’re thinking about adding a gallery wall to update your living room, prints will become your new best friends. They’re usually pretty reasonable in cost and you can add more than one to your home. Try framing quotes you live by, great photography, or even a map. The great thing about prints is you can often switch them out to other rooms in your home to match different themes. Are you a starfish lover? Try these costal starfish prints and bring the beach into your home.



Out with the white walls, in with the new coat of paint! This is by far the cheapest way to upgrade your home for the New Year, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Adding a new coat of paint to your walls will instantly change the appearance and have you thinking you’ve just stepped into a brand new home. The great thing about paint is you can experiment in so many different ways. Here are a few ways to add an instant upgrade by purchasing a can or two of paint:

Accent Wall: This is a trend that started in the 2000’s and we hope never leaves, the accent wall. If your bedroom or living room seems dull, grab a can of paint and add an accent wall for a good looking makeover on a good looking budget! A few great ideas are adding stripes to your wall, paint only half the wall, or you could even add some texture with wall paper.

Photo cred: Pop Sugar Home


And the most popular instant home upgrade of them all, a new rug! Rugs bring comfort into the home and are also a great way to show off your personal style. You can shop around for different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your home’s décor. Rug shopping can sometimes get a bit overwhelming, but we can start with shape:

Round Rugs: They work beautifully to soften sometimes sharp or harsh edges that are prevalent in most modern homes. Round rugs also work to offset the linear nature of most rooms and are an unexpected counter to more conventional rectangular rugs. Try placing one under a round coffee or dining room table and watch it come to life.

Runners: Deck not only your halls but your staircase with a beautiful runner. Adding a runner to your home upgrades and protects your beautiful hardwood floors from accidents and damages. They’re gorgeous, low maintenance, and can easily tie two rooms together. Add a runner to a hallway that already has a beautiful gallery wall and watch the compliments start to flow, it’ll become a brand new hallway to your guests.

Rectangle Rugs: Here’s one reason why you should update your home with a rectangle rug, they’re CLASSIC! This shape is so versatile and is sure to compliment any décor. You can take a multicolor, blue, green, or neutral rug and style it in any room to give your home a fresh start for 2016! This shape is often used to quieten a noisy room, provide warmth to a design, and again protect the beautiful hardwood beneath them. Bring warmth to your living room space in 2016 with a beautiful rectangle rug!


Create a change of scenery for 2016 by upgrading your old home décor into a new fresh space. You’d be surprised how much the little tweaks matter and who notices. Remember to always refresh small items and create a cozy atmosphere for your family to make new memories in!


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