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Decorating With White

January 20, 2016 7 min read

Who said you can’t wear or decorate with white after Labor Day? Say goodbye to that myth--you can totally pull it off in any season. We’ve all had that dream of turning our home into a white wonderland!  We’ve also fallen in love with white room scenes when creating Pinterest boards. Pinterest often sparks interest in décor ideas that you maybe a little afraid of, but don’t let the coolness of white intimidate you.  We’re here to help you turn your space into a cozy retreat by making white a functional color in your home.

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Winter White Only

Incorporating whites and ivories in your home’s décor can not only evoke a relative sensibility, but can also offer a sense of calm and comfort. So the first question to ask yourself is if this is the feeling you’re going for when someone enters your home or when you walk into your bedroom?! Using white and white only gives your home a very minimalist and simplistic feel, giving a sense of clean and calm when decorating with such a light color. Also remember, not all whites match so once you start layering different tones don’t assume they’ll go together. White isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you we have a few tips to help you upgrade your home when decorating with white.

Accessorize. When you’re decorating or redecorating accessories play a huge factor in your décor coming together to tell your story. You want to make sure the design is cohesive and you have interesting pieces that you enjoy seeing every day. Maybe you already have a neutral color sofa in your home – for an instant upgrade you can add a few white lamps, a white stand, white/ivory rugs, or even decorative trays. The possibilities are endless when accenting your home with white.

No Prints Allowed. When decorating with white we often head straight for prints as an accent color, but that totally changes the look and feel of the room. Stick to your dream plan and don’t let prints overpower your winter white wonderland! By leaving the prints out, you simply add elegance to your space, and if you’re decorating a smaller space it’ll help that room feel much larger than it may be. A great alternative to adding prints elsewhere is having a patterned rug or bringing accent pieces into the home in white, but that have a pattern. Like this pineapple storage accessory or this ivory harbor shell planter.




Go Glam

White is never boring especially when going GLAM! It’s a very dramatic color, very bold, and no one ever gets tired of looking at it. The color allows you to approach decorating as you would fashion. Adding in hints of gold, pairing white with crystals, and adding texture to your home are three easy ways to glamourize your white space. If you’re ready to go glam or go home, you’re in for a treat.

Adding mirrored furniture. Are you ready to shine? Adding mirrored furniture not only screams glam, but it also reflects light which makes your space appear more open that it really is. They’re perfect to decorate with if you’re trying to make a statement all while adding your personal style. If you’re ready for your bedroom to all-around sparkle add in a mirrored night stand or dresser with a crystal chandelier for the full effect.  Keep in mind that the goal is to bring an elegant and regal look to you space.

Decorate with statement pieces. Statement pieces are also needed when decorating with white, but also wanting to go glam. You need to add in rugs, pillows, and faux fur that grabs the attention of your visitors. Let one accent piece be the focal point for your room. Add in a few textured pillows to your living room space for a quick glam upgrade on a budget is always an option.

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Add Texture

Is your home missing a dramatic design scheme? If so, you’re missing some texture and the time to add it is now. Adding texture to your already white space will bring an extra dimension that makes each room more interesting. You can make a texture statement by adding unique furniture pieces, a textured wall, or layering rugs. Believe us, the possibilities are truly endless.

Add in rustic pieces to your white décor. If you’re into earthier décor this section is for you. Decorating with rustic is about finding beauty in older pieces or older looking pieces and making them new! When you’re out shopping, look for raw, natural-looking accent pieces to add to your existing décor. The detailing rustic pieces bring to your home is sure to wow your guests. Bring a rustic theme into your home with elements that are rougher around the edges, like this hand distressed coffee table or for extra seating add a few of these square barstools. Mix in a few candles into the mix to complete this cozy rustic white look.

Textured accent wall. If you want to add dimension to your room, adding a textured wall is an easy way. When adding texture to your wall you may instantly think of paint and wallpaper, but have you ever thought about hanging a rug on your wall instead?! Rugs are just as effective off the floor as they are on a wall and will bring much-needed texture to a room in a very unique way. Here are two options for your living room upgrades: add runners to create small art moments in awkward spots in your home or choose a beautiful design from our kilim selection and frame it in a gold trimmed frame!

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Mixed Metals

Trust us when we say gold and silver can be friends when mixing metals if it’s done in the correct way. Don’t be nervous, you’re not breaking a big décor rule when deciding to mix metals in your home. We have an ideas to help you grasp the concept. First, start small by grabbing a few frames for your gallery wall to see how you like combining the two finishes or use height as the degree of separation by hanging a gold mirror and using silver accents to match the pattern.

Break up your white by adding in gold metal accents. A great way to jazz up your winter wonderland is by adding gold metal accents. Finding the right gold accent pieces is where your décor expertise comes in. Let your personality shine through when it comes to your accent décor selection. If you’re a book collector, add a few gold bookends that compliment your home. Always remember when staying “IN” with the trends it’s always great to purchase small items just in case those trends don’t make it into the following year. Bar carts are big now, they’re used as fun décor accents as well as storage for many. Add one into your décor and add some flare to your winter white home. 

Give your white space some edge by mixing metals. If you don’t want to always place it safe mixing metals can also give your home a little bit of edge. When decorating you want each room to have a theme and you want to make sure you stay with that theme to create a cohesive look. Take your kitchen for example, a quick upgrade for using the mixed metal trend is to add new lighting. This will not only give your kitchen flavor, but also brighten up the space.

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Create Contrast

Adding small changes to your home can help improve your daily life. New colors help change your mood, new pillows help you when relaxing, and adding in mirrors gives you the illusion of more space or light. It’s great to create contrast in your home when you can and we have a few tips to help you do just that. When you’re decorating with white the first thing you want to do is decide on your contrast color and the rest is history!

Break up your white with pops of color. If you can’t take just one more day of staring at your winter wonderland it’s time to add a pop of color! Depending on how much time you have this can be an easy upgrade or a more challenging one. You can create contrasting elements by painting your wall with horizontal stripes, adding a new statement slate gray rug to your guest room, or updating your pillows and other small accent pieces in those high traffic areas. If updating your rug is your main concern try decorating with a singular colors and build around that when it comes to other accessory pieces.

Outline your space with a darker hue. Go the unexpected route and outline your space in a darker hue of blue or gray. Insert the contrast color at the beginning of the room and it can be as easy as your front door or if you want to keep your white walls add your darker hues into your bookshelf by pairing like colored books together. However you decide to choose your darker hue do it with style.

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If you’re still dreaming of a white space now is the time to make that dream a reality. Decorating with white doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. It’s all about finding easy ways to upgrade your space or the right pop of color. If you’re needing a little more inspiration feel free to check out this page, dedicated to decorating with white. Have we inspired you? Don’t forget to upload your photos to social media and tag us for a change to be featured!

Happy Decorating!

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