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5 Design Trends We Loved in 2015

December 28, 2015 4 min read

We can’t believe another year is coming to a close, but 2015 has been a big year for home décor! This year we couldn’t get enough of colors that pop. Metallic GOLD, bar carts, prints, mixing prints, were a definite yes for 2015! We’ve all spent the past year trying new things in the home and even cleaning out the clutter to live as minimal as possible. Trends often come and go when it comes to home décor, but in 2015 we’ve fallen in love with a few trends we hope will stay around for the years to come. Are you ready to find out what trends we loved in 2015? Keep reading.



Bar Carts – This trend is the dream of any home party host. You can set all your cocktails up glamorously for entertaining. We’ve seen these types of carts on the internet, Pinterest, and as a first choice pick for many bloggers, when it comes to their party planning must-haves. Bar carts are also great conversation pieces to have in your home. Even if you don’t want your cocktails on display it’ll still be a hit. They come in many different finishes that include black, grey, and even metallic gold! Add a bottle of wine, a few glasses, and it also makes for great home décor. Why would we ever want this trend to go out of style?! Do you think the bar cart is here to stay?

Mixing Prints- We’d say mixing prints had to be one of the biggest trends of the year! This started in the fashion world and, like most trends, crossed right over to home décor. From mixing printed rugs with accent pillows, to taking vintage prints and mixing them with something more modern, this trend took over. Mixing prints can instantly explain your personality to friends and family without you having to say a word. If you’re a lover of this trend we have a very simple way to add it into your space. Update your home by choosing one shade and adding botanical throw pillows in with a geometric rug or window treatment and you’ve successfully mixed prints on a budget. We’re patiently waiting to see if it’s here to stay another year.


Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Blue – This was a color seen everywhere in the home during 2015. From living room walls, to rugs and upholstery, blue was the “it” color in the home. When Blue pigments are added to the home it brings a sense of calm. This is what attracts most of us to this color.  Blue is a very versatile color and can be a part of any room in your home. Update your kitchen by adding cool blue cabinetry or add a fun blue mural in your dining room to give your friends something to talk about! Something about blue just screams cozy and who doesn’t want a comfortable and cozy home?!


Wood/Rustic- This was a big year for rustic tables used for dining paired with more modern chairs. If you stop in any of our three showrooms, you’ll see a few vignettes that represent this style. Are you into DIY projects? If so, decorating with wood/rustic is the right way to go. You can make it a family affair and create a new wall clock made of wood to add some character to your gallery wall. Here’s another idea, if you’re ready to throw out your old dining table, try creating ombre with various hues of stain and you’ll have a brand new table in no time. Pairing two items of different styles with wood/rustic is the next big thing and we’re loving it!


Lighting- Unique lighting was definitely on trend this year. From animal shaped to very intricate chandeliers, the love was real! Are you ready to personalize your home by adding unique lighting? If you’re into fashion and all things glamour, look into updating your bedroom with a beautiful crystal chandelier, this will give your bedroom a new sophisticated style. Did you just close on your first loft? Give it industrial chic touches by adding lanterns! Whether you want to create an elegant setting for your dining room, or need to brighten up your home a bit with a floor lamp, lighting stood out as one of the best ways to give your home a finished look in 2015.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

We would love to see all these trends stay, but we know 2016 is right around the corner so “out with the old, in with the new!” This New Year will bring new exciting trends to fill our homes with and we can’t wait! Feel free to share all your home décor updates with us on social media and don’t forget to stop by Rug & Home online for all your rug & décor needs.

Happy Holidays! 

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