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Back to School: Inspiring Your Child with Color

August 13, 2015 2 min read

All parents want their child to feel inspired – especially during the school year. After researching, we found that certain colors spark creativity. Whether your child is working on their next science project or learning their multiplication tables, a little color goes a long way! Here are 6 colors that will help inspire your child this school year.

Blue or green:

Do you have a super energized child?

Green & Blue will help him or her relax before starting on an upcoming project.  So paint a blue accent wall or for a quick fix adding blue or green rugs/accessories will do the trick. Here are two accessory options to help create a soothing and cheerful space for your child.




This color is great for inspiring sensitivity and compassion. Purple is the color of passion and wisdom. These room accents will help their creative juices flow!




Ready to energize and excite your child’s mind? Well we have a color that does just that – RED! It’s bright and a great accent for any work-space. Here are two red options to add to your little ones' room just in time for school.




Adding yellow to a room will bring out the happiness. It will also help him or her concentrate and motivate them to do great work. Need inspiration? 



Often misunderstood, this color can bring out the best in your child. Orange encourages confidence and is often seen as a color of independence. Looking to inspire communication with your child? This is the IT color.



 When making room upgrades this school year, think about colors that will inspire, calm, and/or excite your child. You could even get them involved by making the décor choices a family affair. We hope you’re inspired to redecorate with color.


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