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Back to School: 5 Dorm-Warming Gift Ideas

August 20, 2015 2 min read

We’re so sad to see our “Back-To-School” series come to an end, but we couldn’t let it pass without bringing some college dorm room inspiration to our readers. When your now, “young adult” is off to college they’re usually worried about matching colors with their new roomie or wondering what the dorm-life experience will be like. Remember to record the memories as you pack the car and see them off to college.

Dorm life can really be the best life. With a little inspiration and decoration we’re excited to get your creative juices flowing as you help make décor decision.

Do you have a first year college student in your family? We have 5 “dorm-warming” gift ideas that’ll make you the best family member, EVER!

Area Rug

What’s a dorm room without an area rug? This will help the bedroom come together and add a little personality to the space. We have an amazing selection of rugs that’ll be a perfect fit for any dorm room.




It’s cool if your young adult meets his/her roommate before they head off to school because they can decide on room colors. You’d want to at least have some sort of cohesiveness when someone walks in the room. We’ve got you covered. Bedding inspiration coming right up.



Desk Lamp

We all remember those late night study sessions before midterms. Desk lamps will give you enough light to study without disturbing your roommate. Is your college student a vintage lover or is he/she more into the modern styles? We’ve found two lamps that will match any dorm décor.  



Desk Chair

A lot of dorms offer desks, but no chairs. Look no further, we have desk chairs that are perfect for studying or extra seating when friends stop by. Here’s a décor tip; add a pillow so your college student can be relaxed during nights’ full of writing papers. This white or brown swivel desk chair is sturdy and will get him/her through their college career.  



Room Accessories

Room accessories are always needed to bring a space together. For college students it’s all about creating memories and learning the value of time. Make sure they’re never late for class with this clock or become homesick with this amazing picture frame set. To be early is to be on time, right?



We’re here to make their college experience a comfortable one. We hope this is more than enough inspiration for you and your college student. It’s time to send them off to the next phase of life, in style!


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