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Why Buy a Rug?

March 14, 2014 2 min read

Get big impact on a minimal budget by caring for your floors. Like building a house, you should always start with the foundation first. You may be asking yourself, "why do I need a rug?"


You want to protect your floors with some sort of carpeting or rugs for longevity. Hardwood floors and even laminate will wear over time. Movement of furniture is especially damaging to flooring as it drags or moves with use. A rug will anchor the furniture and keep the furniture from scarring the flooring itself. It also protects it from general foot traffic.

While they may be the source of board games, movie-watching, and morning shuffles, they are not the most eye-catching part of the home... or are they? Placing a rug in the center of your living room can brighten up the dull look of old furniture or faded walls.

Look for bright new colors that won't fade in a machine made or go for a completely new look with a colorful hand-knotted rug made of recycled sari silk [pictured below]. Bonus: Sari silk feels like cashmere for the feet. Walk on it, and nothing else will compare.

Think about it... It's the first thing your feet touch in the morning. How does your flooring feel? Does it feel warm and cozy or are you jolted awake by aching pine boards? You’ll be amazed at the effects a simple rug can bring to a room and to your comfort level. Sinking your toes into a soft viscose rug is similar to the feeling of a cozy robe in chilly winter months. Comfort transforms our mood and our outlook on life in general.

To answer the question, "why do you need a rug?" It's all about comfort and protection. Care for your floors, cover them with comfort, and you will be amazed at how the feel of your home transforms.

*Don't forget to properly care for your floors. Check out these great tips on cleaning hardwood floors from Our Fifth House

By: Samantha Palacio

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