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Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

December 15, 2013 2 min read

Just when you thought you can't put one more thing in your living room, you now have to make room for that seasonal favorite: the Christmas tree. Out pop the tape measures, the totes of decorations, and maybe even your hair as you try to figure out ‘how on earth am I going to fit this thing in my living room?!’ We’re here to help you with that frustration.

The most obvious choice is to look for a corner of the room that doesn’t involve total house rearrangement. Perhaps you can put that sofa/loveseat combination in an L-shape position to allow for a designated corner of Christmas cheer.

Most people want to display those beautiful lights for all to see. Do you have a bay window? Positioning the tree in a nook, like a bay window, will take up considerable less floor space and also likely continue with your existing flow. Positioning the tree next to a window allows you to enjoy it from both inside and outside the home.

Create a cozy setting by positioning a comfortable chair for Santa while he piles all those gifts under that tree. This is also an optimal spot for mom while she hands them out on Christmas morning. Create an intimate setting by pairing two upholstered chairs next to a fireplace and positioning the tree nearby. Perfect for those cold, winter nights! If you have a fireplace be weary of placement with live trees especially. Position trees so they are not at risk for a fire hazard.

If you're in a small apartment space, you may not be working with much wiggle room. If necessary, remove some underutilized accent pieces temporarily and stash them away in storage or guest room spaces. You can easily remove a side table to position the tree in a tight space, similar to the look that Golden Boys & Me has created. It is perfectly acceptable to put trees in multiple places throughout the home. Think outside the box: consider a small table-topper for an eating space. Add some small trees of varying heights to a buffet to add visual interest. Don't be discouraged if a 6-footer won't work for you. There are so many festive options to get you in the holiday spirit! Let shelving space do double duty this season. If you're using smaller trees, wrap your presents in coordinating, colorful paper and add some festive decor to mantels or bookcases without overwhelming your small greenery.

If all else fails, consider putting the tree in a space that is less trafficked like Unskinny Boppy has done here.  The formal dining room, for example, may have ample space around the table and no one may be utilizing that until Christmas Eve. The downstairs family room, a breakfast nook area, an enclosed sun porch... all of these make great alternatives as well.

Written By: Samantha Palacio

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