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A Guide to Farmhouse Casual

June 06, 2016 3 min read

Farmhouse casual is a trend that has increasingly gained momentum as one of the most sought after design styles. The farmhouse style is classic, clean and features an organized design with a mixture of rustic charm with vintage appeal. To infuse this style into your home, Rug & Home has put together a few proven techniques to help you become a master in farmhouse casual design.


Credit: Magnolia Home now available at Rug & Home. 


  • Color Palette

One of the most vital details for trying to convert your home into casual farmhouse style is the color palette that you choose to work with. Usually starting in the largest, most central room notate which rooms are visible to one another as this will help you decide the color palette. Farmhouse casual usually incorporates neutral tones that are similar in hues, but also coupled with a sophisticated punch of color to keep your eye moving about the space, taking it all in. Choosing soft, neutral hues to help create the flow between one room and the next will give your home interest as well as depth, and you can also rest assured that your colors work well together.

  • Texture

Texture is one of the easiest ways to achieve the farmhouse ambiance. By encompassing rustic wooden accents, burlap or even galvanized metals, the textures will add visual interest. To include a country wood aesthetic try using aged wooden wall décor, this not only adds wood grain texture but also embodies the rustic flavor of a farmhouse. Add galvanized metal textures easily with the addition of metal baskets as they will influence the space visually and will also add storage. 



  • Furniture & Rugs

Bring your space to life with the addition of farmhouse furniture and rugs! When choosing furniture to fit in with your farmhouse décor the choices are broad and expansive! Select a neutral colored or linen slipcover sofa for your living room, as the fabric will lighten and brighten your farmhouse-casual design. The epitome of farmhouse-style is the dining table, the more ‘well-loved’ and character the piece offers the better! While choosing your rug, select one that is a natural fiber rug such as a seagrass or sisal as this will elevate your farmhouse casual design instantly.

Credit: Magnolia Home now available at Rug & Home. 


  • Functional & Fabulous

One of the keys to creating a successful farmhouse casual arrangement is incorporating pieces that not only are beautiful but also have a function. There are a few essential pieces to include in your arrangements when trying to encompass the farmhouse style. A vital piece to include in your arrangement is a chalkboard, as it not only helps you stay organized, but will also add charm that your guests are sure to admire. Another great addition is to your up and coming farmhouse casual décor is glass jars. These jars are not only functional as they are perfect for storing small items, but they also help showcase the farmhouse aesthetic.


Equipped with these fail-proof methods your home will be full of rustic charm and countryside decor in no time!

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