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Nursing Home Flower Delivery Program

February 13, 2015 1 min read 1 Comment

Location: Western NC, Upstate SC, Greater Charlotte

Supporter Since/Project Date: January 2003
Amount Donated: Unspecified
Organization or Project Website: Not Applicable
Our number one community outreach program over the past 10 years has been delivering flowers to area nursing homes in each one of the communities we operate within. Our employees and managers personally hand-deliver bouquets to every resident at different selected nursing homes several times a year for major holidays, like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and often on a random Wednesday or Thursday for no reason at all.

It has always struck a chord with our founders that the elderly in nursing homes often are far away from their families and may not have anyone to remind them that they are loved and cared for for many weeks. That is why we have made it our mission to make sure that these individuals are reminded that they are not forgotten, and personally placing flowers in each room is our way of bringing a smile to their faces.

We have had residents of these nursing homes often exclaim when they see us “How did you know I was here?” or tell us that they are so happy to see us because they haven’t had a visitor in months. Bringing cheer and joy, even if for a fleeting moment, into these lives is what makes this sort of charitable work so enjoyable. See the album above with pictures from a few of our flower deliveries to local area nursing homes.

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Barbara Woodruff
Barbara Woodruff

April 30, 2018

My brother received loving care at the Regency for about 2 years. They have retirement and dementia care. Can I include them in your flowers program? There address is:
Regency at Pineville
9120 Willow Ridge Road
Charlotte, NC 28210

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