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Vision Express

February 13, 2015 1 min read

Location: Asheville, NC

Supporter Since/Project Date: January 2012
Amount Donated: $20,000
Organization or Project Website: www.visionexpress.net
While they attribute their success to hard work in the “Land of Opportunity,” the Rug & Home founders have not forgotten their roots in India – each year, they organize a humanitarian trip to India for a 3-day health clinic in remote villages in the rug-weaving region of eastern Uttar Pradesh where there is little to no access to healthcare. Through these health clinics, they realized that the population most neglected in terms of health is women, and the number one ailment facing many of these underprivileged women is cataracts.

That is why the Rug & Home founders established Vision Express, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, in 2012. Vision Express aims to restore eyesight and works to one day eradicate blindness among the underprivileged population of Indian women. It is worth noting that 100% of the donations collected go directly towards performing corrective eye surgeries and helping these women – there are no administrative or operations expenses thanks to the dedication and time that our trustees volunteer. Rug & Home supports this nonprofit organization with $20,000 per year, enough to perform 800 cataract operations, amongst hundreds of other donors. To find out more about Vision Express, please click below. See the album above with pictures from the Vision Express health and eye camps.

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