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Dadawas Initiative (Society for Excellence in Education)

February 13, 2015 1 min read

Location: Dadawas, Haryana – India

Supporter Since/Project Date: September 2009
Amount Donated: $40,875
Organization or Project Website:

The Dadawas Initiative is a rural poverty eradication project by the Society for Excellence in Education. The Dadawas Institute was started by Sagar Jain, a former professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dadawas’ goal is to conquer poverty through education for children living in the rural village of Dadawas in the state of Haryana in India. By providing underprivileged youth with basic health and sanitation services and education, along with a school that fosters learning and enrollment in a rural community where education is secondary to basic needs like food and shelter, Dadawas is hoping to help the poor reach middle class, within the span of one generation.

Rug & Home has supported this cause since 2009 with funding for school laptops, books, and even a school bus, and with scholarships for several exemplary students. With this, Rug & Home hopes to help Dadawas achieve its “goal to increase the income of the rural poor at least ten fold in one generation.”

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