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November 14, 2016 2 min read

Antique ReproductionsWith the Holiday Season in Full Swing, we are filled with anticipation and excitement for all that it brings. Let’s be honest, the things that make the season beautiful are the little things, the smells, the music, the parties, the great company, the ambiance. Thanksgiving, the holiday I love most because there is no pressure for gift giving, just good old family traditions of football watching, cooking too much food, and sharing the things you are most thankful for – Just being together. Because when we look back at our life these are the moments that matter. And within these moments is an ambiance that let’s you go back – and that ambiance is built from the details.

The one detail, so easily overlooked, but when absent, everything feels off kilter, is a rug. This detail is literally like the icing on the cupcake, without it, it’s just a mundane super sweet muffin, but with it, WITH IT - it’s a CUPCAKE. Honestly, this cannot be overstated. Yes, it is coming from a Rug Enthusiast, but I really want every day Americans to embrace the importance that a rug places on a room. It is the base of the ambiance, it sets the tone and anchors the space.

Anastasia AF07 Sand / Lt Blue

Anastasia AF07 Sand / Lt Blue

But what rug to choose – there really are so many. I wanted to highlight a style that melts in with almost any décor these days. Today more than ever Antique Reproductions are being used in traditional homes but also transitional and even contemporary homes. They are reproductions of classical designs, sometimes with an aged look which adds to their vintage appeal and makes them calmer and a bit more inviting. Their colorways are up to date and on point – which is why they are comfortable in most any setting.

Here are my top 5 Antique Reproductions: 

Encore EC02 Black

Encore EC-02 Black

Nyla NY-20 Slate

Nyla NY-20 Slate

Spice Market Myanmar Aquamarine 90668 50123

Spice Market Myanmar Aquamarine 90668 50123

Anastasia AF-10 Lt Blue / Mist

Anastasia AF-10 Lt Blue / Mist

Belmont BE03 Brown

Belmont BE-03 Brown

But really why antique reproductions? What is it about them that makes them so attractive and timeless? I have thought about this for a while now and here is my conclusion. There is a certain nostalgia we feel when we see traditional rug designs – credit for this can come from spending the holidays at Grandma’s house, opening gifts on the big traditional rug or it could be from the numerous movies that have played through our life. Think - A Christmas Story, The Big Lebowski, The Money Pit, even Aladdin – all these movies take us back to the good old days. Timeless and Classic, it is no mistake that Persian designs never take a back seat in the rug world, they may evolve a bit, but they will never go away. We celebrate this. Because everyone can feel comfortable and welcome with this look and during the holidays, this goes a long way.

Go and Be Joyful – spread peace and thanksgiving to all with whom you come in contact with. For we will look back at these days and remember all that created them.


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